You're in Marketing.You want to accelerate your brand's story telling. People want your logo or images or video or PDFs or marketing copy, etc. But finding your brand content is like finding a needle in haystack?, You're fed up with requests for content interupting your flow?, You found the file, but don' know if it can be used?, In a panic over deadlines? Trying to share files? Tearing your hair out?

Brandkit is for you.

An advanced Brand and Digital Asset Management Platform for marketing teams.

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Save hours per week with a self-serve brand toolkit

Everyone is short of time, so we made self-serve access to your content easy and Brand Safe.

Plus your brand is unique, so we brand and customise your Portal with our design service, or you can DIY with a built-in CMS.

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Get and stay organised with an industrial strength DAM

The back-end powering your brand toolkit is an industrial strength Digital Asset Management (DAM) software system.

What sets Brandkit apart from every other DAM is the fully customisable portal design, with tight integration to the built-in CMS, PLUS the combination of digital files, posts, and links to earned media, in a single unified content library.

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What the Brandkit back-end or Admin interface look like
A composite image of Vault access settings by Role and an Assetv detail page showing Licening requirements

Drive usage with confidence inspiring Rights Management
Yay! Found it ...but wait, can I use this?

Licensing and legal stuff is tedious at best, yet it's vital that your team, staff and external collaborators know when they can, can't or how they should use your content.

Brandkit displays licence and usage declarations automatically, and notifies users automatically if and when usage licences expire.

Enabling your users to tell your brand story with confidence.

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Reduce stress and worry with Brand-Safe™ Access

Brandkit has a variety of built-in controls, business rules and permissions that work behind the scenes to protect your brand assets and provide peace of mind.

No more stressful nights or worries about the wrong people having inappropriate access to content.

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Power through your day
with help from our AI powered assistant.

Meet Jemima, our built in AI powered virtual assistant. She provides helpful assistance and utilises powerful AI tools like OpenAI's LLM (that which powers ChatGPT), and our own proprietray automations. Enabling you to save time, be more accurate, and get through your day with less effort. Thanks Jemima.

"Jemima, Tag these Assets for me"
"Jemima, Describe this Photo for me"
"Jemima, ..."

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Be more productive with 5 ways to share

Before Brandkit™ sharing brand content in a safe way was hard. But now with Brandkit you have 5 different Brand-Safe™ ways to share your content assets. Including a built-in large file and multi-file File Transfers, auto-attachment of Brand Guidelines, automatic terms of use acceptance, and more.

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Customers love Brandkit...

VisitScotland logo

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Great support, easy to use product, excellent functionality and customisation. 5 stars!"

""It's been an excellent value package…the niceties that come in the portal site make it look indistinguishable to our website and our core brand, we now have complete control and one single source of the truth."

- Grant P, Image Production Editor,

Great Journeys NZ logo

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Our new brand tool gives us complete control over the distribution of our resources, while keeping the process simple and efficient for both our team and our trade and media partners."

- Phoebe L, Marketing Coordinator,
Great Journeys NZ

The Coromandel Logo

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I so love Brandkit. We switched to Brandkit from the old frustrating system and the transition was a breeze. It's fast and simple to use, due largely to clever design. The images in our public portal look stunning and users are able to navigate the interface with ease, making my job a whole lot easier."

- Lynette D, International Marketing Coordinator,
The Coromandel

Upscape logo

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"We were struggling to stay organised with Dropbox prior to setting up Brandkit. Not only are we able to work more efficiently internally with Brandkit, but we have improved the way in which we support our travel industry partners with destination marketing content."

- Jessica W, Head of Marketing,
Upscape Travel

Dunedin logo

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"It's given us a way to remove barriers and has really made it easier to manage our digital assets. We've got tighter control of our brand, licensing and distribution and it has created opportunities for the city we may have never got."

- Hayden P, Digital Content Coordinator,
Enterprise Dunedin

Customer logo

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I just wanted to say hi and tell you how wonderful our DAM has been – we’re celebrating 3 years and over 1,000 users!"

- Nicky.D, Project Manager,

Video - Brandkit in 2 minutes

Trusted by brands for over 25 years

a few customer logos a few customer logos

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Your story matters. Help your collaborators find your content, tell your story with confidence, and build a stronger brand.

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