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Sell The Sizzle, Not The Steak

A picture is worth 1000 words. More visuals please! One of the best ways to communicate is through great imagery. Curate all your visuals in Brandkit, and then share via your Brand Portal, with your staff, customers, partners, resellers and the media, so that everyone has the resources to tell a consistent, visually powerful, brand story.

A Self-Service Brand Portal

screenshot of a self-service Brand Portal for YoColorado
Example Brand Portal for customer YoColorado

For each customer we create a self-service Brand Portal where your staff, resellers, distributors, wholesales, retailers, channel partners and the global media can access your approved product images, videos, brochures, catalogs, advertising templates, and other marketing resources.

An Industrial Strength Back-End

The back-end powering your digital toolkit is an industrial strength Digital Asset Management (DAM) software system. What sets Brandkit® apart from every other DAM is the tight integration with the built-in CMS, the combination of files, posts, syndicated assets, and links (to external media), and usage based pricing, in a single unified library.

Screenshot of the Brandkit back-end or Admin interface with labelled highights

Private or Public
Trade only / Trade and Media / Trade, Media and Publc

Supporting trade customers or resellers? It's easy to Keep your content private, limited to certain users, or open it up for the world. It's totally up to you.

Example of a private Marketing Toolkit/Brand Portal for STIHL Dealers in New Zealand
Example of a private Marketing Toolkit/Brand Portal for STIHL Dealers in New Zealand

Product Details a plenty

Each asset has plenty of metadata to support search, create collections, support versioning, attach spec sheets, etc. Search by Tag, Asset name, Product reference, and more. Plus you can list just every filetype (images, video, pdfs, documents), written posts and external links together in one place.

screenshot product techsheet asset admin for Mons Royale

File Transfers Built-in

When you don't want to give someone self-service access to your Brand Portal. You can still easily send files, large and small, without attachments with our built in File Transfer tool. It's like those other file transfer services you might have tried, only better.

Screenshot of the Brandkit Transfers landing page for account Brandkit HQ

Send Updates to your users

Select your new assets and share with your users in a couple of clicks. Invite them to come and get the latest content and resources. Images, video, social media posts, Ads, you name it.

An email is sent with link back to your selected Assets.

Screenshot Mail You've received a message from — Gmail (All Mail) at2023-01-16 at 17.59.58@2x

....and plenty more features

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Your story matters. Help your collaborators find your content, tell your story with confidence, and build a stronger brand.

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