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Fed up all that noise on Social, or competing with the whole internet on Google?
It's like having that friend who never shuts up. You can''t get a word in!

Wouldn't it be nice to find some white-space to share your story.

With Brandkit you get your own searchable "brand channel" that aggregates all your digital content (images, video, articles, blog posts, press releases, social media posts) in one online place - making it all easy to find, manage, share and consume.

Better for you, your team, your partners and your customers.

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You still need Google and Social

Think of Social Media, Google and other search engines as discovery mechanisms. They are superb at that role, but they also want to dominate the users attention and keep them on their own platforms. Brandkit is great at gathering all your brand content in one place, is Search Engine friendly and helps you post to Social media, but then "All roads lead back to Rome" (i.e. your owned Brand Channel) with search engine links and for Social in bio links.

Get them to your own brand channel ASAP

Once they foud you, you want their full attention, so you want to get them to your own "brand channel" as soon as possible. Then you get the opportunity to tell your story properly in the comfort of your own brand home.

Join 176,223+ users already on Brandkit

Your story matters. Help your collaborators find your content, tell your story with confidence, and build a stronger brand.

All for a reasonable and fair price starting at US$99. See pricing here.


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