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Content Attribution on steroids

Brandkit™ Credits are the people or organisations you want to credit for specific content assets. These might include photographers, talent, authors, vendors, or partners. Giving credit or attribution is often a bit loosey goosey, so we’ve tightened things up and made Credits more powerful and useful, with a dedicated database and landing pages for assets attributed to a particular person or organisation.

Example of Credit and a Credit search page for QueenstownNZ and Onson Hot Pools

How it works

(1) Set-up Credit contacts

You can setup any number of Credits (people or organisations). You can include basic contact details and a bio, including basic html. So you could include a link to the Credit's website for example.

(2) Select who to Credit

As part of your classification/publishing process, select a Credit for any applicable Assets from a drop-down list of Credits that you've setup. This will add a link to a special search page for all the Assets attributed to the Credit.

(3) Show Credit info

Once Assets are credited, we'll automatically add the Credit information, and display whenever a user Views, Requests, Downloads, Shares credited Assets. Plus we'll display a link to a dedicated Credit landing page, that lists all the Assets attributed to that Credit. Nice.

Customisable Credit Profile

It's great when other people lend, licence or give you their content to share. So it's nice to be able to give those folks some recognition (and sometimes your contract might require it). That's exactly what the Credits database and the Credit search page (as seen above) is all about.

Each Credit has a profile in the Credits database that can be edited by Admins. Credits support a custom avatar, contact details, and a short bio that can include links to 3rd party websites.

Admins can manage and edit the Credit's profile in the Credits database built into Brandkit (as seen in this screenshot).

Screenshot of a Credit Profile in the Brandkit Admin interface

Next up: Brand Guidelines

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