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File Transfer Service
included free of charge with every Brandkit

When you don't want to give someone self-service access to your Brand Portal, you can still easily send files, large or small or many at once, without attachments with our built in File Transfer tool. It's like those other file transfer services you might have tried, only better.

Screenshot of the Brandkit Transfers landing page for account Brandkit HQ

Example landing page for file pick-up

Large File Transfer Software included

Transferring large files or a several large files at once has always been problematic.

Some people end up buying a dedicated file transfer software service (like WeTransfer™ or HighTail™), but there is really no need for seperate file transfer software, as Brandkit has this feature built-in, and handles large files with aplomb.

Just select the Assets you want to transfer, and then click Share. Easy.

And because we never attach files to the email we send your recipients, large file transfers are never an issue.

Transfer files without uploading

Because your files are already there and ready to go.

Sure you can upload new files, but most of the time what you want to transfer is already in your Brandkit.

Just search, select and share.

Never forget with
Automatic Attachments

Brandkit is unique in attaching important files like Brand Guidelines automatically to transfers.

Just setup your attachments in advance and we'll remember to attach them everytime you download, share or transfer.

Branded, Customisable Landing Page

Your transfers landing page can be customised with your branding and full-screen background image.

Screenshot of the Brandkit Transfers landing page for account Brandkit HQ

Example landing page for file pick-up

Rights Information Always

When you transfer with Brandkit we'll always include each Assets' licence rules, expiry dates, usage instructions, attribution requirements and Terms of use - all automatically, to ensure your transfers are always Brand-Safe™.

Track the Delivery

We track the delivery and let you know when the recipient accepts delivery and downloads the transfer. You can find this in your My Shares page.

Easily send files, large and small, without attachments with our built in file transfer service.

Unlike other file transfer services, and unique to Brandkit - you get a custom branded file pick up page, automatic attachment of Brand Guidelines, (plus Licence, Usage details and attribution information), configurable expiry dates, and download receipts.

Now that's how you do brand-safe file transfers.

  • Transfer files without having to upload first, your files are ready to go.
  • Send any size asset or batch of assets from your asset library.
  • Branded file pickup page.
  • Automatic attachment of Brand Guidelines
  • Ability for reipients to optionally select a smaller download size (for image files)
  • Configurable expiry dates, including never expire.
  • Download receipts and reporting.
  • Optionally require login, or give view only rights.
  • Recipients can download their preferred size (for images).
  • Track transfers and see when recipients have downloaded files.

Next up: Embeds ~ Edit once, update everywhere.

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