We're all media companies now, so maybe we all need...

Media Asset Management Software

(Often abbreviated as MAM)

What is a Media Asset Management?

"Media Asset Management is the process, and software used to manage high-volume video and multimedia files. It originated within the film and broadcast industry to accommodate the need to manage large rich media files."

Why is Media Asset Management Software important?

The main reason for investing in a Media Asset Management Software, or Media Asset Management System, is to organize your media library.
Such a system should help everyone store, find, manage, edit, and distribute your video and multimedia files in a more efficient workflow.

Media Asset Management software/ Media Asset Management systems can help you:

Media Asset Management software (MAM)
vs Digital Asset Management software (DAM)

What's in a name? A Digital Asset Management System and Media Asset Management System are alike, the differences are subtle.

In fact we reckon that today there is almost no difference at all - other than a name and Media Asset Management software vendors are typically a little more focused on broadcast or broadcast quality video.

This means the average file size of Assets in a MAM are significantly larger, and as a consequence some of the features and processes differ.

Furthermore, most DAMs are used to manage predominantly images and video. They are sold to marketing teams, and some cases to the IT department, of brand name companies. While Media Asset Management Systems are typically sold to Media companies. So while the technical differences are blurry. Perhaps it's the intended customer profile that best differentiates them.

Of course with the advent of social media and streaming to a myriad of devices, the general quality and size of all video has risen, and so MAM and DAM software capability is much close today than in the past.

In reality MAM and DAM are more or less the same thing and you could use either moniker interchangeably to describe Media Asset Management or Digital Asset Management software.

Is Brandkit® a Media Asset Management solution?

Well the answer is - Yes, and No.

As Marriot Hotels famously said "We're a media company now".

In fact we're all media compaines now. This means that every company, every brand worth their salt must think like a media company. That does not translate into you needing dedicated Media Asset Management software however.

Brandkit® is Brand Management Software that incorporates Brand Management, Digital Asset Management, Media Asset Management, Content Management software, and File Transfer Services, in one unified system and Asset library. A single source of truth for brand assets, digital assets, images and video, footage, design files, marketing copy, blog post and press releases.

As we discussed above ("Media Asset Management (MAM) vs Digital Asset management (DAM)"), the differences between MAM, DAM and Brand Management sofware are pretty blurry.

A Brand Management System like Brandkit® has all the features and capability of a good DAM and MAM system, plus some other features specifically designed for housing, managing, communicating and distributing of a Brand System. That said Brandkit can certainly act or be used as a MAM.

However we typically market/sell direct to Brands and their marketing teams, rather than to Media companies.

For that reason, our knowledge about the problems that Media companies want to solve are limited. Brandkit could therefore be thought of as a light-weight MAM solution.

If you're media company who needs a vendor specialised in broadcast video or film, maybe a dedicated MAM vendor is the best option for you.

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