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Brandkit™ is a Brand Management Platform for serious brands.

Brandkit brand asset management software provides you with an online brand portal or digital brand toolkit where all your users, can find everything they need to tell your brand story in one place. It's a unified Brand Management Tool that gets everyone on the same page, sharing the same consistent brand story.

Ultimately resulting in a more powerful, cohesive and valuable brand.

Trusted by brands for over 25 years (since 1997)

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Self Serve Brand Portal

Share your Brand Assets via a customisable, brandable, private or public self-serve Brand Portal or Digital Toolkit.

Each Brand Portal features a powerful search engine ensuring users can always find what they need saving time for both brand/content managers and users.

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Industrial Strength DAM

The back-end powering your digital toolkit is an industrial strength Digital Asset Management(DAM) software system.

What sets Brandkit™ apart from every other DAM is the tight integration with the built-in CMS, the combination of digital files, posts, syndicated assets, and links (to external media), in a single unified library.

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Mind the Brand roundel

Brand Safe™

To gain control and influence of your brand story, you have to make it easy for both internal and external storytellers to access your official brand content.

However, first you have to wrap any access to your brand content in the right posture.

Brandkit includes Access and Rights Management controls, Brand Guidelines and other measures to ensure access to your brand assets is always Brand Safe.

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Brand Guidelines
with auto-magical attachments

(1) Auto-magic attachment of your Brand Guidelines to downloads and shares

screenshot of asset download form

Most brands still create document-centric Brand Guidelines (aka Visiual Identity Guidelines, Style Guides, etc) as PDF files.

Brandkit® invented a feature back in 1997 to auto-magically attach our Brand Guidelines PDF documents, to any download or share of Brand Assets. This feature has been improved in Brandkit 2, with more explicit control and improved version control and a simplified setup.

Upload your Brand Guidelines PDF, and then attach to Brand Assets such as Logos, and your Brand Guidelines will always be attached to any download or share of that Logo. Brand Guidelines assets also support versioning - so you can update your Guidelines and automatically have the updated version attached ti downloads and share without any further effort.

Users can elect to remove Guidelines from downloads if they already have a copy.

(2) The future of Brand Guidelines - Atomised Brand Guidelines

screenshot of atomized brand guidelins showing a clear-space rule in Brandkit

Instead of creating a document-centric Brand Guidelines PDF, why not join the internet age for real, and atomize your guidelines down to individual guides (or rules) that are searchable, downloadable and shareable, as separate and atomised components.

Atomizing your Brand Guidelines, leaves the monolithic document (that is typically expensive to produce and update) in the dust, making your Brand Guides easier to find and digest.

Want the Logo Clear-space rule, just search "Clear Space" (obviously) and jump to that content.

Asset based Brand Guides are like any other Asset. Fast and easy to create, flexible, easily edited, support versioning, Licensing, Tagging and can be downloaded together with other Assets, such as Logo artwork.

Its the future... available today in Brandkit.

Logos, Lockups, Wordmarks, Brand Graphics, Icons, Fonts and Design Files, in all their variants.

While Brandkit is designed as the home for all your brand's digital assets. Your brand identity assets are some of the most important.

Brandkit supports native Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, EPS and PDF files amongst a host of others. Then wraps those Assets in Brand Guidelines by giving each brand a dedicated Brand Page (optional) and automatically attaching Brand Guidelines to any download of the Brand.

No more excuses like "I didn't have a copy of the Guidelines to check usage against."

We'll help keep you on brand.

Control exactly who has access your brand assets with configurable User Roles, Permissions and Asset Licenses

Brandkit's Brand Management Tool enables you to control exactly who can access, download and share Brand Assets such as Logos, with fine-grained permissions using custom User Roles and Asset Licenses.

For example you can allow some users to self-serve image downloads, while allowing others (say staff) to self serve images plus brand assets.

Screenshot of Manage User Roles page

Other names for Brand Management Software

It's easy to get lost in the technical jargon found in branding and marketing. Especially when describing Brand Management Solutions.

So for clarity's sake here a list of alternative names used for Branding Software.

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