Multiple Portals

Serve every audience like they were the only audience

Multiple Brand Portals is a unique feature of Brandkit, and brand new for Brandkit 2. It's available as an optional configuration for Enterprise Plan accounts. It provides an option for customers to offer a unique bespoke Brand Portal for each unique audience (e.g. Staff, Trade, Media, etc) complete with its own unique URL (e.g.

How it works

  1. Create a new Portal
  2. Add a new Host record
  3. Add a DNS record (such as a sub-domain) pointing at the Host
  4. Customise your new Portal
  5. Select the Assets to appear in the new Portal using an Album
  6. Send Users to the new URL (users can use their existing User Accounts if the are registered in the other Portals of the same account)
Multiple Portals setup in Admin showing Portals and Hosts pages.

E.g this could be a unique portal for trade partners vs customers vs journalists.

Next up: Content Syndication

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