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Creating content is a lot of work, but you don't have to do it all yourself. In fact often there are other external storytellers telling your story on their own channels. Wouldn't it be great if we could surface that Earned Media in your Brandkit? Now you can!

Links as Assets

Each Link is treated like an Asset, and gets a visual tile in search results (just like other assets). Clicking the tile jumps you to the link's URL (e.g. a web page).

Other benefits are that you can add metadata, and tags to control who can see the links, and to aid search.

When you create a link we automatically extract a hero image (if the 3rd party webpage has an Open Graph image attribute), or you can manually add your own image.

How it works

(1) Add a link

In Admin click the Add (+) button and select the Add a Link option.

(2) Copy and paste your Link's URL

Simply copy and paste in your URL. The system will check it can extract a useful link and success will depend on the structure of the destination URL and whether that page has proper metadata setup. If not, you will then be given the option of manually adding the link.

(3) Add metadata, tags and approve

The Link Asset will be created with a Draft status. You can then add additional metadata, move it to the appropriate Vault, add Tags and then once you're happy change the status to Approved and publish it to your Brand Portal.

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