Content Marketing
starts with the content.
A lot of content.

Ok so traditional marketing methods don't work well any more. Content Marketing is the thing.
Yeh we agree. The only thing is ...

The apetite for content is massive and growing. Creating, curating, managing and deploying all that content takes a lot of time, and effort. Specialised content marketing software like Brandkit® will help you feed the beast, maintain quality, and stay on brand.

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Start by gathering up all your content
and saving it in one place. Add handy search engine on top.
👋 Meet Brandkit®, it's made for that.

Screenshot of demo account showing Albums for everything

BYO Content

We don't create and acquire the content for you (except via content syndication), and we don't provide tools to generate new content (except you can create/write Posts). But once you have your content, you need somewhere to store it, curate it, share it and deploy it from. That's us in a nutshell. Brandkit® is your central unified content respository, your single source of truth.

Self-Serve Buffet

Each Brandkit has a self-service Brand Portal (aka Media Hub) powered by the built in DAM and CMS. Self-service access, with role-based permissions, means your users get to the right content, securely with, no delays and less work for the Marketing team, 24x7. Think of it as an all you can eat self-serve buffet (of content).

Find, Share, Embed, Distribute

Content can only tell your brand story if it gets out there. Content in a digtal asset management silo, that no one can access is useless. So we pull out all the stops to help your content escape out those silos, into the big wide world. Including a self-serve Brand Portal that all your storytrellers, and content coordinators, parters and media can access, Share collections and a built-in File Transfer Service, and embeddable media.

What content exactly?
All of it!

When we say everything, we really do mean it - all the elements of your brand system, including your brand's mission, vision, purpose, voice, brand assets, visuals, media, design files, pdfs, docs, stories, press release and of course people.

This means Brand assets like logos, photos, video, audio, design files, presentations, pdfs, office docs, blog posts, press releses, marketing copy, brand guidelines, external links and more. The possibilities are endless. Use Brandkit for everything, or pick and choose the tools you want to use.

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Next, invite all your storytellers to have at it. Safely invite colleagues, staff, partners, customers, the media to feast at your content buffet.

Brandkit supports public users, unlimited registered users, more or less unlimited configurable users roles, user role groups, configurable vaults, find grained access permissions and more. Everything you need to ensure that the right people get access to the right content. Freeing up your marketing team from having to deal with repetitive time wasting content requests, while keeping your brand safe.

Screenshot of the User Roles and Abilities screen in Admin

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Grow your audience with Content Syndication software

Brandkit® includes built- in content syndication software. With unique content syndication functionality that can push (and pull) content dynamically to partners that also have a Brandkit account, exposing your content alongside partners content, for exposure to potentially a much larger combined audience.

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Screenshot of Asset Syndication for Kaikoura Image Library
Screenshot of content fed landing pages

Content Automation Platform

Brandkit® is a also a Content Automation Platfom, with customisable content fed website (aka Brand Portal), social media link in bio landing pages, content syndication and embeddable media functionality, all of which can push content dynamically to digital channels. Exposing your content to potentially much larger audience, automatically.

Lastly, get the story out. Use that content you must. We've got the tools covered, but you've gotta do da work. Capiche?

We can't do this work for you, we can't automate it away. It takes presence of mind, time and effort. But we do give you a set of tools to make the job easier, and produce better results. From centralsing all your content in one place right through to sharing, file transfer, embedding and tracking tools. You can do great content marketing work, and like true professionals, and craftsman across all professions and walks of life, you need good, high quality tools, to do your best work.

We're dedicated to building the best tools to manage, curate, distribute and deploy brand content.

Our promise to you (and all our customers) is that we'll continue to pursue excelence, and dedication to our art.

We encourage you to do your best work, and hire our best work, to help you tell your story.

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