Brandkit Edition: Destination Marketing Kit

Inspire your next visitor with Visual Stories.

Feed your team, trade partners, promoters and storytellers with a continual diet of fresh photography, video other marketing resources, so that they can share an authentic destination story.

This Destination Marketing Edition includes features and layouts designed specifically for Destination marketing.

Connect the world to your brand content, at scale.

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Scattered selection of screen shots of image libraries

Destination Marketing Software
designed for Destination Marketing

We designed Brandkit with Destination Marketing in mind from day 1 and worked with a highly regarded National Tourism Organisation (NTO), as a foundation customer, to meet their requirements, and the specific needs of destination and tourism marketing organisations.

It's often the little things that make the experience better for everyone. Like Map based search for instance...

Map based search

Example: Tourism New Zealand's Visual Library - powered by Brandkit.

Here's one little feature - we've made location a key metadata field, making it easy to use map based search (because lot's of promoters and storytellers can't recall placenames, but have a rough idea of where places are on a map). Helping your international users find what they need and understand exactly where that content relates to. Quick smart.

Learn more about map based search.

Speak in many tongues

Parlez vous Anglais? Hablas español? Do you speak French? Korero māori koe?

Here's another - for many Destination Marketing Organisations, serving users from around the globe in their native tongue or supporting your official languages, is important. You translate, well deploy, letting users select their preferred language. Fantastique!

Learn more about Multi-lingual options

Audience Centric Landing Pages

When you have a lot of content and lot of stakeholders needing representation, it's easy to include a landing page for each concern.

Custom navigation and more. It's even possible to show/hide content based on User Role, so that each group of users sees the appropriate content.

Public Access, Self Service

When you're serving a wide community of stakeholders, partners, and the media, public access and self-serve is vital in order to operate eficiently at scale.

We include all the needed acces controls and option so that you can allow public access to a subset of contenet assets, while limiting access to more sensitive content assets to certain users.

Hero Image Carousels

Whet the apetite of users with a stunning visual carousel.

While we often prefer getting straight into search - sometimes a hero carousel is great for setting the tone.


When you have campaigns, toolkits, special collections - it's easy to set these up with Albums.

This kit includes a standard Albums section and matching filters.

Not just the visuals, share the whole story.

Go beyond the visual story, with written content, like Marketing copy, Story Ideas, Press Releases or Blog posts, and share the whole story.

Brandkit's Destination Marketing Software goes beyond other digital asset management solutions, with both Posts (written articles) and external links (to "earned" media placements) to give users access to the whole story.

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creen shot of Visit Scotland Media Centre

and much more...see how she runs

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