Place Brand Toolkit™

A specialised platfom built from the ground up for Place Brands, Destination Marketing Organisations, & Economic Development Agencies

A Brandkit Place Brand Toolkit is a home for all the digital components of your Place Brand. Including your brand narrative, brand assets, media files, press releases and posts and links to external media and more, that also aims to aide community, stakeholder and private sector engagement.

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Screenshots from the Brand Tasmania Toolkit Screenshot from the Brand Tasmania Toolkit

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In addition to the standard features in Brandkit, there are several specifically designed for Place Brands...

Community Contribution Ready

Community, Stakeholders and Private Sector Companies can contribute place content via a secure self-serve Brand-Safe contribution workflow. Place Brand Admins can then curate, accept or decline contributions. With Licencing and Usage declarations automatically handled.

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B-lingual & Multi-Lingual Ready

If you want to serve a bi-lingual or multilingual user experience, Brandkit's Place Brand Toolkit's have built in support for Bi-Lingual or Multi-lingual user experiences and translation ready.

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B-lingual & Multi-Lingual Domain Ready

Brandkit's Place Brand Toolkit's also have built in support for Bi-Lingual or Multi-lingual portal domains(URL). All roads lead to Rome or optionally thet can configured to lead to Rome - or Roma.

Place Brand Ecosystem™ Ready

Place Brand Toolkits are ready to go for integration with private sector or community owned Brandkit powered toolkits, in a Place Brand Ecosystem™ Partner Network.

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Map Based Search

Place Brand Toolkits have an interactive map based search feature - ideal for place brands, whether it's a nation, state, region, city or town based place brand.

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Advanced Configurable Locations

Configurable location based metadata with pick lists for Country, Region, Sub Region, and City. Each of these can be configured with a pick list of pre-determined options allowing you to control exactly what location metadata is shown and searchable. Optionally you can also set a default value for each. e.g. a Nation brand can set the country field to a default - so it's always entered correctly without any effort.


We also support multiple portals in the same Place Brand Toolkit account. So you could optionally have Staff, Trade and Community specific portals and logins.

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Place Brand design templates

Choose from a selection of custom design layouts and themes designed for Place Brands as a starting point and adapt to your unique place brand design.

Brand-Safe Public Access

Brandkt Place Brand Toolkits are designed for public and community access, with a multiple configurable user roles and user role groups, plus a suite of access safeguards, to ensure that users can access the right resources at the right time.

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Audience centric landing pages

When you have a lot of content and lot of stakeholders needing representation, it's easy to include a landing page for each audience with custom navigation, layouts, collections, filters, design and more.

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Brand Gamification (New)

Place Brands aim to have everyone in the Place Brand Ecosystem aligned around a shared narrative. To do this takes a a combination or listening, teaching and communicating.

Brandkit's Brand Quiz feature can be used in combination with teaching resources like brand narrative stories, film and brand guidelines to teach, then test users's understanding of the materials.

Then we can gamify test results and reward users with access to additional abilities and resources.

Comms integration

Place Brands must continue to drive engagement with the community, stakeholders and private sector businesses. To do this requires that Place Brands proactively email and post updates to toolkit subscribers and non subscribers alike. Brandkit integrates subscriber/user data with a host of 3rd party CRM and Email Marketing systems either natively (e.g. Ubiquity Engage) or through our Brandkit API, optionally via middleware like Zapier.

Place Brand Toolkit FAQ

Q. What is a Place Brand Toolkit?
A Place Brand Toolkit is a set of guidelines and resources that define and guide the visual and verbal representation of a place brand, ensuring consistency across all marketing and communication platforms.
Q. What is a Place Brand?
A Place Brand is a brand that repesents a physical place or destination. Such as a country, state, region, city, town, neighbourhood, or even an individual park or venue.
Q. What is Brandkit's Place Brand Toolkit solution?
Brandkit's Place Brand Toolkit solution provides businesses with a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform to create, manage, and distribute place brand narratives, digital assets, brand guidelines, templates, and other brand resources, ensuring brand consistency across all communication channels.
Q. How does Brandkit's solution differ from traditional brand management software?
Being a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, our Brand Toolkit is hosted in the cloud, eliminating the need for in-house installations or updates.This ensures that you always have access to the latest features and improvements without any manual intervention.

Brandkit™ is also unique in that it combines a customisable brand portal (website), files, posts and links in one unified system. Plus Brandkit™ includes (and invented) Brand Guidelines auto-attachment, plus you get large file transfers built in for free.
Q. How secure is our brand data on your platform?
Data security is a top priority. We employ state-of-the-art encryption, regular security audits, and comply with global data protection standards to ensure your brand data remains confidential and secure.
Q. Can I customize the Place Brand Toolkit to fit my organisations's needs?
Absolutely! Our solution is designed to be flexible.

You can customize branding, pages, navigation, design themes, page layouts, domain name, user roles and access levels, user authentication, search filters, taxonomy and more to align with your organisations’s specific requirements.
Q. How many users can access our Place Brand Toolkit?
Unlimited Users. Our pricing is based on Usage not user seats. So every plan has unlimited users, including unlimited Admins. Yay!
Q. Is there any training provided?
Yes, we provide comprehensive training sessions for teams, as well as a library of video tutorials and written documentation.
Q. How does the pricing work?
Our pricing is subscription-based, typically billed monthly or annually. We offer different plans based on features and likely usage. See pricing here.
Q. Can we integrate this solution with other software we use?
Certainly. Brandkit's Place Brand Toolkit solution offers API integrations with various popular software and platforms.
Q. What kind of customer support do you provide?
We offer around the clock 24/7 customer support through email, and phone. Plus, our Help Center is available around the clock for self-help and guidance.
Q. How do we get started?
Simply book a discovery and demo call on our website, or reach out to our sales team. We'll ensure that Brandkit is a good fit for your organisation, then arrange to setup your account, onboarding and training of your team.
Q. Can I get a trial account?
Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial (but this can be extended for as long as you need), allowing you to explore the Brandkit platform's features and benefits without any commitment.

You can requst a trial account during or after the initial discovery/demo call and the Brandkit team will set that up for you.
Q. How do we ensure a consistent brand narrative across our teams, our community, stakeholders and our private sector businesses as well?
Brandkit's Place Brand Toolkit centralizes all your brand assets and brand guidelines amd other resources in one place, providing real-time access to all user 24x7, regardless of their location. Then we wrap all your brand content, in Terms of Use, Usage Licences, Attribution Credits, Expiry and Release dates and a host of other controls designed to make sharing Brand Safe. We can also surface brand training content and even test for brand competency. Finally we track usage and provide analytics. Helping ensure brand consistency.

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