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Edit your Brand Portal & build custom content driven landing pages

Every brand is unique, so we make it easy to brand, customise and personalise your Brand Portal, with our own flavour of Content Management Software (CMS), baked in for your convenience 👍.


Screenshots of some customised Brand Portals

Make it your own

Brandkit includes built-in Content Management Software (aka CMS software) specifically designed to create and edit your Brand Portal web pages. Our CMS includes proprietary blocks/widgets (some dynamically driven by the content assets in your DAM) that you can deploy to your pages. You can do things like add a Search box, display an Album's feed and an Asset feed on a page. Personalise landing pages based on User Role, Locale and more.

An example of a customisable Brand Portal, customised using the built in Content management Softrware (or CMS software).

The CMS Portal(s) Tool

Customise your portal settings (such as theme used), logo, favicon and page layouts. Create pages, edit copy and use our smart widgets to build your Brand Portal and landing pages.
Going one step further, customers on an Enterprise Plan can have multiple Brand Portals, each with it's own unique domain and and theme.


The CMS Hosts tool

Specify your domain names and assign it to a primary domain and your Portal.
This points your domain (aka web address) at your Brand Portal.
It's where users land when visiting your Brand Portal.


The CMS Themes tool

Make your Brand Portal design yours with custom fonts, colours and styles with CSS Themes. You can optionally create multiple themes and try them out, then swap themes with a couple of clicks. Try seasonal themes e.g. Winter vs Summer.


The CMS Redirections tool

Redirections are the same as 301 Redirects - an essential tool in websites. Use Redirections to redirect old URLs (maybe from older websites) to new URLs and support your SEO, or just aggregate a few different URLs to single page or post. You can also use redirections to migrate blog posts from other systems to their new home in your Brandkit while keeping that hard earned SEO juice.


The CMS Credits tool

Maintain a list of Credits - people, or organisations you want to Credit for Assets in your Brandkit. Then easily apply Credits with a handy Credit drop-down selector when you publish Assets. As a bonus each Credit gets their own Search page automatically.


Plus a bonus writing tool for Blog Posts, Articles, Documents, etc

The Posts tool - in Assets (not CMS)

While not in the CMS tool, Posts are slightly different to "Pages" and are regarded as "Assets" in Brandkit. This means you write and edit Posts in the Assets tool. The bonus is that Posts are also Assets, and therefore searchable alongside visuals (images, video and graphics), have the same tags, Licencing and other metadata shared with file based Assets. That said a Post is "content" and you can create and edit a Post anytime; making our Post Editor a mini CMS - dedicated to Posts.


Learn more about Posts

Next up: Posts and the Writing Tool.

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