Here's how Brandkit works

(in just a few simple steps)

(1) Upload or Add your assets

You can drag and drop, select from your local device or copy directly from Google Drive.

Alternatively, you can write a Post from scratch or Add a visual shortcut Link to anything on the web.

Brandkit supports all the standard file formats for brand and marketing assets; including photos and image, videos, artwork and graphic files, presentations, Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud native application files and Written posts like Press Releases, Blog Posts, Story Ideas, etc.


(2) Classify, Tag and Approve

Classify your Assets by editing metadata and licence information for your assets one at a time, or by batch.

Then Tag them using your customised taxonomy and free form tags. We'll even add some tags automatically for you via AI.

Once you're happy, Approve (all new uploads are Un-Approved by default) your new assets and they'll be available to users in your Brand Portal. Or alternatively, leave them Un-Approved and come back to them later.

Screenshot of an Image with auto-tagging in Brandkit

(3) Find and Select

Once you've got everything uploaded and organised, quickly find your assets with easy to use, but powerful Search and Browse tools.

You can Search using Tags (keywords) and Plain text. We'll help you (and your users) with type-ahead suggestions of Tags and related Tags.

In your web portal, we can configure pre-selected search results for your Portal users to direct them to your preferred selections of asset when they click on an icon, a filter, an image tile or any other page element. You can also filter and sort search results with a variety of tools.

Once you've found what you want, collect them up in your Basket to Batch Edit, Save for later, Download, Share, Send or View in a Lightbox.

More on searching >

Search page with Multi-faceted search highlight

(4) Share with your people

Approved assets will automatically appear in your self-service brand portal, once approved and released.

You can also proactively share your new assets with Shares, Sends and Email Updates.

Screenshot of an Asset page from the Brandkit demo account

(5) Manage and Track

When users access your content, or accept a share, and download your content. We ensure that users accept your terms of use, and automatically attach your Brand Guidelines. We measure every view, upload, download, share, saves against a users account and present both web analytics and content analytics to give you insights on how your content is performing.

More on Reporting and Analytics >

Screenshot Brandkit Content Analytics Dashboard

That's the bare essentials

Your typical workflow on Brandkit goes something like that; but of course there are loads of ways to use the platform and plenty more happy branding experiences to be had.

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