Brandkit® - Our Story

In the beginning. How Brandkit came about and our ambitions for the future.


Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple:

"It took too long to find and access brand artwork and guidelines."

In a previous life, Brandkit® Founder, David Vaassen, was designing private label watches for brands like Quiksilver®, Air New Zealand®, The All Blacks® and many others, and needed the official logo artwork, colour specifications, etc for each brand.

Historic Quiksilver watch design work

He was often frustrated by how much time it took to get hold of the logo artwork and brand guidelines for client brands, and often received the wrong type of file.

On one occasion, the General Manager of a famous Australian Airline Brand sent a business card with a gold foiled logo, from Brisbane, via DHL!. It took 2 weeks and was the only logo artwork they could find at the time.


On another, when asking for the Brand Guidelines of a famous Electronics Brand, at a local satellite office, it took a week to find. It was sitting in a binder on a shelf, above the PA to the General Manager's desk!

Or when a famous Tourism Brand commissioned an expensive photo shoot, because they weren't clear on what the usage licence terms were, for the images they already had.

It was crazy.

After asking Brand and Marketing Managers, and Designers - why it took so long.

He discovered that they didn't really have the time to respond quickly and hated the interruption.

Furthermore, it was often difficult to even find a file, let alone the right version, or check on the legality of using a file for a particular purpose.

What we built

We created Brandkit® to fix the problem.

Brandkit® is cloud software as a service, that makes finding and accessing brand content easy. Brandkit surfaces brand assets (logos, images, icons, video, pdfs, fonts, marketing copy, documents, presentations, templates, etc) plus brand guidelines, terms of use, and copyright information automatically, and provides powerful distribution options, including self-service for authorised users.

It saves time for for everyone working with brand content (whether in or outside the organisation) and helps keep everyone 'on-brand'.

We love authentic brands and we're proud to help them share their brand stories.

Our ambition

Make the world better, by helping every brand be an Authentic Brand.

We believe Brands are important. In the age of social media and AI, more important than ever. But brands must be authentic to engender trust.

We want to help brands stay true to their mission, to be authentic. We'll do that by:

  • By making - finding, curating and sharing authentic brand content as easy as a Google search, and as trustworthy as Fort Knox.
  • By encouraging - brands to be authentic (i.e. original, genuine, moral, reliable, honest, respectful).
    See our "B Authentic" mission and campaign.
  • By helping brands share their story.

Because we believe the world is a better place for everyone, when brand's are authentic, and we all choose authentic brands.

Also see our Manifesto.

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