Embeddable media
Edit once, update everywhere.

Brandkit provides embeddable asset links so you can insert images in your websites, emails, cms, ecommerce and other online places, powered by Cloudfront CDN by AWS. When you upload a new version, Bingo! Updated everywhere instantly!


Image of two screenshots showing an Image embedded in the second screenshot, from the first

How it works

(1) Grab Embed code

Visit an Asset Page, and click Share. Then grab your choice of HTML code blocks which includes dynamic links to Asset images.

(2) Paste the code

Paste your embed code into your website, email or other online service.

(3) Enjoy high performance images

Once embedded, every view of that image will be delivered by Cloudfronts global CDN (content delivery network) with low latency and high speed.

Next up: Licencing and Usage

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