Attachments 2

Redesigned in Brandkit 2. Use the Attachments feature to automatically attach certain Assets to other Assets, at download time. For example, Attachments are perfect for automatically attaching Brand Guidelines to downloads of Brand Assets.

Attachments in action in Brandkit 2

How it works

We've ditched the old idea of attachments uploaded as auxialliary files. Now, Attachments are Assets in their own right, independently searchable and downloadable etc, which has a number of obvious advantages. Attachments are now explicity selected by Admins, and then auto-attach to downloads of the parent Asset. We re-designed Attachments with Brand Guidelines in mind, but they can work with any other type of attachment too (e.g. Contracts, Talent signoffs, etc).

(1) Upload Asset

Upload any files you want to later attach to other Assets as an Attachment (e.g. Brand Guidelines PDF). You can also attach Assets already available in your Brandkit account.

(2) Attach

From the Asset page, in the Attachments Panel, click Add Attachment, then search for and select an Asset to attach. You will then see a thumbnail of the Attached file in the Attachments panel, or the Asset Page.

(3) User Downloads

When a user downloads an Asset with an Attachment, the Attachment is automatically added to the download. A user can still elect to remove the attachment before download, but nevertheless Attachments are a great way to prompt the user to download any recommended files (e.g. Brand Guidelines).

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