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Automate to go faster with 3rd party integrations.

Logging in
Simplify/Speed up Registration & Login with single sign on

We integrate with the three most popular online services that offer a single sign on authentication. So you can optionally (included in all plans) allow users to both register and login with these services (as seen on this site). Or stick with the standard email and password login/register. Whichever you choose, every user account supports and unifies multiple forms of authentication.


Requires a Gmail or Google online user account.


Requires an Office 365 or online user account

For Enterprise accounts, we offer integration with Microsoft's EntraID (formerly Azure Active Directory_ login to enable secure login for Enterprise staff/members.

Easily import your files from the most popular online storage services

Upload from your computer or device, drag and drop multiple files. You can upload from your phone too. Plus we integrate with 3rd party online storage providers (such as Google Drive) to make it as easy as possible to ingest your content.

Google Drive™ (coming soon)

Dropbox™ (coming soon)

OneDrive™ (coming soon)

Automate publishing with RSS

Available in Brandkit 1. Coming soon to Brandkit 2

Create Album based RSS feeds in Brandkit and connect up to a host of 3rd party services. Then all you need to do is Upload and Tag images in Brandkit for them to be automatically deployed via RSS to RSS Feed Readers like Flipboard, or Feedly, or via additional integration via services like Zapier to your channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Note RSS is one way (Brandkit outwards) sync only.

RSS to Slack

You can integrate Brandkit with Slack using the native RSS support in both Apps.

Whenever someone published new content in your Brandkit account push it to your team Slack with a link back to the original Asset. This is a great way for your team to keep up to date with what's new in your Brandkit, in the app they spend most of their time in. For example, you might want to send new Assets for a particular campaign to your team in Slack, either FYI or for comment or to trigger some other activity by selecting a particular Slack channel.

RSS to Email

You can integrate Brandkit with your marketing emails.

Many modern email marketing services support RSS to email. Simply plugin your RSS feed URL and see your Brandkit Assets flow through to your email system.

RSS to ?

RSS is an open internet standard protocol. Meaning you can integrate RSS with a wide array of internet based systems.

In fact any system that can consume an RSS feed (i.e. a standard RSS XML document).

2-way integration via the Brandkit API

The Brandkit API is currently available in BETA

The Brandkit API is organized around REST. Our API has predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts form-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

More information here.

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