People and Access

Brandkit supports public users, unlimited registered users, more or less unlimited configurable users roles, user role groups, configurable vaults, find grained access permissions and more. Everything you need to ensure that the right people get access to the right content. Freeing up your marketing team from having to deal with repetitive time wasting content requests, while keeping your brand safe.


Screenshot of the User Roles and Abilities screen in Admin

How it works

(1) Add a User Role

Use the default user Roles (Owner, Admin, Staff, Standard user and Public) or add as many of your own as you need.

(2) Assign Abilities

For each user Role assign abilities for the Admin area and the Brand Portal via your Vaults. You can use the standard Vaults, or create your own.

(3) Invite Users

You can Invite Users with a specific User Role, optionally allow self-registration in your Brand Portal where the default User Role is assigned, or you can optionally setup Automatic Role Assignment with email domains (for self registering users).

Next up: Public Upload

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Statistics above last updated 1 March 2024