Why NOT Digital Asset Management Software?

When NOT to buy a DAM!

A reality check from Brandkit™


Don't buy a DAM,
if you don't need one.

Brandkit® is a DAM (Digital Asset Management software) for Brand and Marketing content, whereas Dropbox, Google Drive, etc are online file storage and syncing services for any kind of file.

Buying a DAM is much like the decision to buy a camera. If you're serious about your photography, buy a DSLR camera and lighting equipment. If all you want to do is take photo's of your kids, selfies with friends or your cute puppy to share on social media, a DSLR is an un-needed expense, when almost all modern smart phones now have a decent camera.

Similarly if you've got files to store somewhere and share occasionally you probably don't need a DAM and could get away with something simpler like Dropbox or Google Drive or Microsoft's One Drive.

However, if you're serious about branding and work with rich media assets to tell your story - get a DAM.

Don't buy Brandkit®,
or any other DAM if:

You're a small traditional business like a plumber, electrician, grocer, etc who doesn't do much marketing. DAMs work best when you have reached a tipping point and the costs of not getting organized outweighs the cost of business as usual. If you're still small or aren't yet scaling up, you can get away with using a local hard drive (with a back up) or an online storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

You don't have time to manage a DAM. A cloud based DAM like Brandkit is quick to deploy as it requires no software install and while it will ultimately save you time and headaches, it still takes time to manage. It's not a set and forget thing.

You or your team don't work with rich media like images, videos, infographics, artwork, logos, etc. If you're just working with office files, like spreadsheets, word documents, etc a DAM is most likely the wrong solution for you.

There is no buy in from the boss, or management. Adopting a DAM needs to be company wide and needs to be used by everyone to store and manage rich media assets. It may involve significant changes in current behaviour, so unless the folks at the top fully support and lead adoption, it's likely your DAM will fail you.

If these apply to you, we recommend you buy Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive - not a DAM.

After all that, you still want a DAM? Great 👍

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