B Authentic

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What do we mean by "B Authentic"?

As a person you have a choice: Be authentic and act authentically versus Pretend to be or act as if you are someone else.

As a brand you have a choice: Be authentic and act authentically versus Over promise and under deliver.

We love authenticity - we respect it.

B Authentic is our mission and brand campaign to promote and celebrate authenticity in people and in brands.

It's a small thing we can do to move the needle (hopefully) towards a better, more honest, more sustainable world.

Authenticity should come naturally - but we've been conditioned from a young age first by parents, and schoolmates, and then by Hollywood, the media, social media and our own insecurities, to want to be, to claim to be, something more, to exagerate our abilities.

It's rare to find a person or a brand that is completey honest, 100% authentic, about themselves. But when you do, it is a wonderful delightful thing.

To escape that conditioning, come down to earth, to be honest about ourselves and our capabilities is hard thing to do.

But it is the right thing to do.

Go on - you can do it

Be authentic.

Brand authentic.

B Authentic.

How to B Authentic

An authentic person consistently acts in accordance with their true self, guided by honesty and integrity in their thoughts, expressions, and actions.

An authentic brand consistently delivers on its promises and aligns its actions with its core values, fostering trust and loyalty through transparency and integrity.

6 practical things you can do.

1. Be Open: Always tell the truth about your company's workings, good or bad.

2. Stay True: Make sure every product and promotion reflects what you stand for.

3. Listen: Take customer feedback seriously and use it to improve.

4. Empower Your Team: Let your employees be your brand's biggest fans by giving them a voice.

5. Do Good: Act responsibly towards society and the environment.

6. Focus: Focus on what you are great at, don't try and be all things to all people.

6 examples of authentic brands

1. Patagonia - This outdoor clothing brand is known for its commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical practices. Patagonia transparently shares its supply chain practices and actively engages in environmental activism, truly living up to its mission of saving our home planet.
See how Patagonia does authentic.

2. Ben & Jerry's - Known for its socially conscious business practices, Ben & Jerry's consistently supports various social issues, including climate change, racial justice, and LGBTQ+ rights. Their activism is deeply integrated into their brand, making their commitment to these causes genuine.

3. Lush - Lush Cosmetics is recognized for its fresh, handmade cosmetics and its staunch stance against animal testing. The brand is committed to ethical buying and transparency, often showcasing the origins of its ingredients and the impact of its products on the environment.

4. Warby Parker - This eyewear company has built a reputation on a transparent pricing model and a socially conscious business strategy. For every pair of glasses sold, a pair is donated to someone in need. Their commitment to vision for all is fundamental to their business model.

5. Airbnb - Airbnb promotes a sense of belonging and community among its users by encouraging authentic experiences in local neighborhoods rather than traditional tourist experiences. Their brand is built on trust between hosts and guests, which is central to their community-driven approach.

6. Tasmania - Brand Tasmania promotes Tasmania as a place, to visit, live, work, invest. To be Tasmanian. What makes this brand so authentic is their refreshingly honest view of themselves and their struggles and hardships past and present. Learn more here.

These brands exemplify how commitment to authentic values and transparency can build trust and loyalty among customers.

B Authentic Code of Practice

Adopt our 'B Authentic' code of practice




Photography (Video and Audio)

The same applies for Video and Audio, whenever you are presenting content that claims to be a recording of real people, places, products, services and sounds.

By adhering to these principles, we uphold the essence of our brand and foster a deeper connection with our community through a foundation of trust and authenticity. This set of guidelines reinforces our commitment to authenticity in every visual representation the brand shares with its audience.

Take the B Authentic pledge

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