Rights Management, Licencing & Usage

Use content with confidence because everyone knows the legal position.

We answer the question:
"Yay! Found it ...but wait, can I use this?"

Licencing and legal stuff is tedious at best yet it's vital that your team, staff and external collaborators know when they can, can't, or how they should use your content. Brandkit® automatically displays licence and usage requirements, enabling your users to tell your brand story with confidence.

A composite image of Vault access settings by Role and an Assetv detail page showing Licening requirements

How it works

(1) Set-up your account's Licences and Credits

You can setup any number of Licences plus Credits (person or organisation), to suit your business.


Licence setup screen in settings


(2) Classify your Assets

Classify all your Assets by selecting an appropriate Licence, and optionally setting Expiry dates, adding additional Usage instructions and adding a Credit.

code screenshot

(3) Automatically display Licence and Usage requirements

Once Assets are classified, we'll automatically display Licence and Usage information, whenever a user Views, Requests, Downloads, Shares classified Assets.

code screenshot

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