Brandkit for Agencies, PR Firms, Designers, Resellers and Consultants

Customisable DAM software for Agencies, so now you can provide a self-serve brand toolkit for your clients, and look good doing it.

Brandkit® whitelabelling and design tools, enables creative agencies and specialist resellers to create a bespoke digital toolkit (a content powered Brand Portal) for your clients. We take the hassle out of running a DAM, enabling you to focus on designing a unique on-brand experience, generating award winning content, or just staying involved in day to day client branding/marketing operations.

We work with a number of Agencies, we get brands, and we know brand toolkits and DAM inside out.

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White Labelled DAM and Brand Portal or Digital Toolkit

Brandkit® is white labelled ready to accept your bespoke creative.

A montage of custom Brand Portals

Not only is the interface white labelled but the whole user experience is configurable. So you get to use your intimate knowledge of the clients needs to create a useful resource for the brand, and a truely on-brand experience for users.

View some example Brandkit®/Agency collaborations

TNZ Visual Library (in collaboration with Clemenger)

Auckand Asset Library (in collaboration with Clmeneger)

Education NZ Brand Lab (in collaboration with Clemenger)

NZ Story Business Toolkit (in collaboration with Dentsu)

The Waikato Story (in collaboration with Principals)

Indeed Partner Toolkit (in collaboration with Freedman International)

DIY custom design using the built-in CMS
or engage us to code it for you from your design

The new built-in CMS means that your team can jump in and edit the Brand Portal HTML and CSS Theme directly, Upload custom fonts and more. Alternatively we offer a full coding service, where we work from a design you provide. The choice is yours.

From Agency Concept/Design... Production Reality

Shown is an example of a real project created with digital agency, Touchcast, a member of the Clemenger Group and BBDO Worldwide.

Three ways we work with Agencies

We have three options for working with you:

Agency as client

We invoice you and you take care of billing your client.

Typically you will have an ongoing working relationship with creating and/or managing content for the client. Ongoing operation of Account is with the client supported by the Agency. Brandkit supports the Agency.

Agency as consultant

We invoice you for onboarding, setup and design, but invoice the client directly the subscription fee on an onging basis.

You sell in the solution, design and specify portal design, customisation and configuration needs.

Brandkit bills the Agency for setup and custom configuration, but bills client directly for ongoing subscription. Typically Agency specifies and designs a solution, and after delivery and launch of the solution, leaves ongoing operation to the client - supported by Brandkit.

Agency as referrer

We invoice the client directly for all onboarding, setup, design and subscription fees.

You refer Client to Brandkit or Brandkit to Client.

Brandkit sells in and contracts directly with the client.

Agency Pricing

Contact us for agency/reseller pricing.

Agencies typically manage and bill for Project Management and Design Services getting things set-up.

We work closely with Agencies typically participating at the scoping stage.

The Agency has the client relationship, does any research and develops the use cases and requirements for the client, develops graphic design elements and acts as Project Manager.

Brandkit staff, then encode and configure the provided design and supports the system and users going forward.

We invoice the Agency for setup and either the Agency (or at your request the Client) for the ongoing monthly (or annual) subscription, which covers software licence, storage, traffic and support.

Please consider us a specialist partner.

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