World class (yet boring) content library software for brands™

Content is great. Content management not so much.

We love content, but content management sucks for most of you. It's time consuming and boring work. But let's face it, it's a necessary evil for brands. Brandkit® relieves you from a lot of the boring stuff, with boringly good software. We make content management fun again.

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Behind every great piece of content, is a hard working marketing team, and typically some boring software to help bring it to market.

That's us, Brandkit®, the boring software behind great content. We don't create content, but we help you bring it to life.

Brandkit helps marketing teams find, wrangle, curate, manage, approve, share, and deploy brand content.

We shun the limelight, we're software nerds, we're infrastructure, a toolset used by marketing pro's (like you) that you rarely hear about (except right now).

In fact Brandkit has been doing this for 25 years. You can trust Brandkit® - we're mostly invisible, and our software just works.

We're boring as heck, but the content (your content), well that's another story, and it's usually pretty good.

Trusted since 1997. Join 142,822 users already on Brandkit.

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Front-End/Brand Portal

The least boring part of our software,
is a search page dedicated to your
beautiful, interesting, inspiring content.

We just get out the way mostly, and let your content shine.

This is what a standard Brandkit Brand Portal looks like This is what a customised Brandkit Brand Portal can look like

It's brandable, customisable, with self-service access.

Every Brandkit comes with a self-service Brand Portal. You can make it Private to your team and invited users, or Public with self-service signup. Every brand is different, so we made it easy to customise, you can do it yourself (Pro or Ent Plan required), or we can do it for you.

More on Portals

Licencing & Usage

Licencing and legal stuff is tedious at best,
but at least we answer this question for you:
Yay! Found it ...but wait, can I use this?

A composite image of Vault access settings by Role and an Assetv detail page showing Licening requirements

Licence and Usage information at the right moment

It's vital your team, staff and external collaborators know when they can, can't, or how they should use your content.

First we show/hide content based on a range of data points, such as vault, user role, release and expiry dates, then once found, we surface Terms of Use, Licencing, and Usage Instructions, when viewing, downloading or sharing, so that users always know what the requirements are. As an encore, we'll automatically notify users, when Expiry dates are reached or Licence changes are made, making it easy for users to stay in compliance with your requirements.

Enabling your users to tell your brand story with confidence.

More on Licencing & Usage

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Your story matters. Help your collaborators find your content, tell your story with confidence, and build a stronger brand.

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