Automatic GEO Tagging (New)


Many camera's now capture GPS coordinates when taking photographs.

Here's how it works

Take a Photo with a camera that captures GPS coordinates.

This example taken with my iPhone X.

Alternatively in Photoshop or similar app add GPS coordinates to the images EXIF data manually.

screenshot of image inspector

Upload image file to Brandkit and GPS coordinates will be auto extracted from the uploaded file.

This image shows the photo asset in the Admin interface after upload.

Note the GPS coordinates have been extracted and recorded in the Asset's metadata AND the location metadata has been automatically entered with data supplied by Google's Map API, based on the extracted GPS co-ordinates.

Step 4

Review how the new Asset appears in the Brand Portal.

Once Approved the Asset appears in the Brand Portal with searchable location metadata.

Note the GPS coordinates are not shown in the Brand Portal view.

THE RESULT: Assets with GPS are now automatically searchable by Location tags.

<p>As with AI generated Tags based on Image Recognition. Location tags are now automatically generated for you for any Image uploaded with GPS Exif data. Making these Assets automatically searchable (and findable) - with almost zero effort for Admins.

That’s just brilliant.


Screenshot of asset search with a location tag finding the right image

Note: Auto GEO Tagging is available today as a configurable option (off by default).
If you'd like to turn it on for your account ask your Account Manager or Brandkit support.

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Automatic GEO Tagging (New)

New in Brandkit - Automatic GEO Tagging using embedded GPS EXIF metadata in image uploads

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