Introducing Versioning in Brandkit


If you work with brand and marketing assets on a regular basis, you will have times when you need to make an edit to or update an Asset.

A simple example: You create a brochure and upload to your Brandkit library. You enter appropriate metadata and tags to the asset so that your users can find the new asset.  Later a colleague notices a Typo. So you correct the error and want to update the published asset.


Another example: You update the packaging design of a product, so you need also to update the pack shot in the image library.

Before Versioning you'd delete the old Asset and upload a new one - however you'd have to re-enter the metadata and tags.

That's not a major problem, but it takes a bit of manhandling and extra work.


Versioning lightens your workload

Versioning is now available in Brandkit.

With Versioning, it's just a matter of uploading the new file to the exisiting Asset.

Screen shot of an asset detail page with new Upload new version button shown

The new file will automatically be made the current version and the Asset's metadata and tags will be preserved. Saving you time - and at the same time maintaining a history of those changes.

There's now a new Upload New Version button on the Asset Detail page in Admin (at the bottom of the action buttons). 

  • Simply upload a new file to an Asset to create a new version.
  • A new thumbnail is generated.
  • Metadata in the new version file will be extracted and be used to update the Asset's metadata (e.g file size, dimensions, filetype, etc).
  • Any previously entered metadata in the asset will be preserved (e.g. Asset Type, Description, etc).
  • The Asset Name will be updated with the new versions filename.
  • A new version can be any variation of the file, even a different file type.

Screen shot of the Asset Previous Versions panel

Permalink's updated too

A nice feature of Brandkit Versioning is that any Permalink's shared on social media, etc will automatically update with the new version's image.

So it's a piece of cake to update the asset with a new version and have those Permalink's automatically update. Nice.


It's also easy to roll-back to a previous version should you need to.

To view previous versions, navigate to an Asset Detail page and scroll to bottom of the page to see the Previous Versions heading (this only appears if an asset has previous versions). Click the header or dropdown icon to display the Previous Versions panel.

In the panel, click on the version you wish to review to display a modal popup with a larger preview, information and the options available.

Click the Rollback to this version button, to set the selected version as the Current version. Then click the close button on the top right of the modal to close and refresh the Asset page.

Screen of Versions rollback modal popup

You can Download any previous version file.

You can also Delete a version. Note that the version file and any record of the version will be deleted permanently - there is no way to undo the deletion.

However we recommend that you leave previous versions intact, to maintain a Version history and the ability to rollback or download in the future.


Versioning - it's a beautiful thing.  As always use wisely.


Enjoy :)

p.s. if you're interested in the Mona Lisa picture above read this.

Asset Versioning is ready to go now. You'll need a Brandkit account obviously. Please contact us if you need help with that :) or visit to learn more.


Introducing Versioning in Brandkit

If you work with brand and marketing assets on a regular basis, you will have times when you need to make an edit to or update an Asset.

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