What’s the difference between a Sending and Sharing assets?

As well as being able to Download and Save selections of Assets, users can also (may depend on Role) Share or Send Assets to third parties.

SHARE (a selection of assets)

A Share enables you to share a view of selected assets. So you can collaborate without giving download rights. When a user receives a Share they will need to login (and have the appropriate user rights) in order to download.

<p class=”intercom-align-center”><i>Note that with a Share there’s no Expiry date.</i></p> <p class=”intercom-align-center”>.<i>..and that the Recipient receives a link to a View of your selected Assets (as seen above). They will still need to login in order to Download.</i></p>

SEND (a link to download a selection of Assets)

A Send enables to to send a link to download the selected assets. You are granting Download rights and the recipient DOES NOT have to login (and doesn't need to be a registered user) in order to download.

<p class=”intercom-align-center”><i>Note that with a Send has expiry date and Terms acceptance (because the Sender is taking responsibility for the Sent Assets being used appropriately)</i></p>

<p class=”intercom-align-center”><i>Example of the email that the recipient receives, from customer NZ Story.<br />Clicking the [Download Now] button then take the recipient to a File Pick Up page as seen page below.<br /></i></p> <p class=”intercom-align-center”><i>In contrast, recipients of Sends are sent to a File pickup page, where they can Download WITHOUT having to register or login. Although they still have to Accept Terms of Use and are presented with Licence conditions, Usage and Expiry.</i></p>

The Send landing page (as seen above) can also be customised to look more like a Login Wall with a custom background image and branding. Contact Brandkit Support to set that up.

Happy branding :)

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What’s the difference between a Sending and Sharing assets?

A Send and a Share are subtly different.

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