How is Asset Licence information given

Whenever a User views an Asset Detail page or Downloads or Shares an Asset we display the Asset's pertinent Asset Licence information, Usage, and Expiry date (depending on whether that data has been entered by Admins).

We also ask the User to confirm their acceptance of the Terms of use, Licence conditions, Usage instructions and adherence Brand Guidelines (if they are provided) each time they Download.

Asset Detail Page

Example: NZ Story Asset detail page showing Licence and Credit information.

Example: NZ Story Download dialogue (for the same Asset used in the previous example) - showing the Licence info and Terms acceptance.

Example: Showing the same data in the Share dialogue

How is it setup

Each account can setup custom Asset Licences. 

Each Asset Licence requires a, 

  1. Licence Name
  2. Licence Description

Once the Asset Licence is created it becomes a lookup field and can be allocated to an Asset or a batch of Assets (via Batch Editing). 

Asset Licence is also used to control visibility for User Roles.

You can also optionally enter the following on a per Asset basis.

  • Expiry date
  • Usage instructions
  • Who to Credit

Contact Brandkit Support to setup Asset Licences for your account.

Happy branding :)

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How is Asset Licence information given

How Licence and Usage details are communicated to Users

Asset type post
ID 113915
Word count 201 words


Licence Worldwide Paid and Unpaid Available to anyone for royalty free use in paid and unpaid media worldwide, provided Brandkit benefits from such use, with attribution required to the named Credit, when a Credit is provided.
Expiry No expiry date


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