What is the maximum file size you can upload?


There is a maximum file upload size of 25gb per single file.

There is a also maximum file size for batch uploads (uploading multiple files at once) of 1GB per individual file in the batch upload.

This means you must select the right upload tool for your needs when uploading.

Technically speaking. This is because in the background the upload method for large files differs. For large file uploads the file is “chunked up” (broken into many smaller chunks) and uploaded in chunks and then reassembled back to it’s original state in storage.

There are two main upload options.

  1. Upload files (for one or multiple files up to 1GB in size per individual file).
  2. Upload large files (1GB+) (for uploading one file at a time, for files larger than 1GB in size).

You can see the option on the screen shot below:


Note: While there are two main upload tools, you can also add Assets by accepting Syndicated Assets from other Brandkit™ accounts, Ingesting from Google Drive, Adding a link to an external URL, Assets added via the API, and other options which will be added over time.


What is the maximum file size you can upload?

What is the maximum file size you can upload to your Brandkit account?

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