FAQ: Do I need to register or login to search for Assets?

In most cases, you can visit the website and search through the Assets without registering or logging in.

However, If the site doesn’t allow public access (is in Private mode), you will need to login in order to see anything at all. Some private sites are accessible by invitation only, and some allow self-service registration. If the site is by Invitation Only, contact the organisation and ask for an invitation. If the site allow self-serve registration, you will need to register before you can login and view Assets.

If the site allows public access, you can use the search box to search for Assets either by keywords (tags), region or asset id (if known) or discover assets via Albums, or other navigation links, before having to register or login.

While you can discover and view content in public sites, to save, download, or share asset you will typically need to be registered and logged in.

You may also be able to see more Assets, once you are logged in, depending on your User Role.

To Register

If the site is private access, click the register link.

If the site allows public access, click on the ‘login/register’ button in the top right navigation menu. From there you need to enter your and your email address.

We’ll then send you an email with a link, which you must click to validate your email address and then set a password and complete your user profile.

Once registered you will be assigned the default user role for registering users. To access some assets and more advanced features you may be granted a different user role by the site Administrators. Alternatively, you may receive an emailed User Invitation with a different user role pre-assigned to you. If you need a different user role, please contact us.

Alternatively you may be able to use the Login with Google or Login with Microsoft options to login and register, in which case you will be automatically validated.


FAQ: Do I need to register or login to search for Assets?

In most cases, you can search through the assets in the library without registering. However to save, download or share asset you will generally need to be registered and logged in…

Asset type post
ID 302
Word count 347 words


Licence Worldwide Paid and Unpaid Available to anyone for royalty free use in paid and unpaid media worldwide, provided Brandkit benefits from such use, with attribution required to the named Credit, when a Credit is provided.
Expiry No expiry date
Added at


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