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Get your audience back with a,
Landing page for your "link in bio".

Social Media networks like Facebook and Instagram don't let you link out to your own website(s). So the "Link-in-bio" phenomenon was born. Brandkit provides a single page brand portal that brings together all of your best content (not just links), albums and search in a single landing page. Just add your Brandkit's URL as a link in your bio on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social profiles. And get your audience back.

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Get your Audience back

Social Media Networks do a great job of dominating peoples attention. In fact they do their damndest to keep them on their platforms.

Instagram for example famously, doesn't allow users to click on external links in posts, which means businesses have resorted to adding an external link in their account bio (aka profile), and then adding comments like "Click the link in our bio".

Instagram is a great service, but in our opinion, that policy sucks.

Time to get your audience back.

Do you need a specialist link in bio service?
No you don't!

A raft of specialist providers have emerged offering businesses a dedicated link-in-bio landing page.

These are typically a simple landing page of links optimised for Phones. However that page of links still has to link to something else. That seem like a total waste of energy and dollars to us.

You don't need another subscription at all, you can just link to your website, or to your Brandkit Portal for free.

The main advantage (other than being free) is that you link people directly to your content, where you already manage your content. No more additional links required. That makes much more sense to us.

Showcase your best content


Design your link-in-bio landing page anyway you want from simple out of the box content feed, to complete websites. It's your audience, so you choose the content that your want public users see. Show more, or even something entirely different to your logged in users. No Ads, No arcane algorithims. Your content, your rules.

Drive people to your online
store/event/booking page for free

Everything on your link-in-bio landing page can include a call-to-action button, to shop, book, buy, or visit any website URL you want. No fees, commissions or additional costs.

Be your unique self, with custom branding & design options

With Brandkit you have full control of your branding, look and feel. Start from a pre-made template or create from scratch, make your page pop with powerful customization options.

Analytics for your link-in-bio landing page

See how many views. downloads and shares your content Assets get, and understand what content performs best.

Screenshot Plausible Analytics

Build your own Audience

Encourage visitors to your link in bio, to register on your landing page, to build your own audience of followers, independent from social media networks. It's your audience after all.

Link-in-Bio Page FAQ

Q. Is link in bio a paid service?
Many link in bio tools are a paid service, but you can use your Brandkit portal for this — and it’s free, forever, while you have a Brandkit account.
Q. What does link in bio mean?
Since many social media platforms don’t allow users to put links in their social media posts, the only place where you can put a link is in your social media account's profile’s description area, which is also called the “bio.” When people say “link in bio” they are referring to the clickable link that you can find in the social media profile bio of Instagram, TikTok, or even Twitter. The link usually takes followers to a a website, a specific article, a product page, a landing page, or any other important URL.
Q. How does a link in bio work??
A link in bio is a versatile free microsite that you can use to share your most valuable content. It can help many different types of organizations and brands share their content faster: Are you thinking of building a website but don’t have the time or budget for it currently? A link in bio page is a great way to get your content out into the world without spending too much time or money! Are you are an individual building your personal brand? A link in bio page is the ideal way to share everything about yourself in a quick and sleek way. Have you been looking for a space to share links to various places online where your audience can find you? You can do that with a link in bio page! Are you planning an event? You can use a link in bio page to share all the details.
Q. How can I use my link in bio?
Your link in bio page should include the most relevant information about your products, services, blogs, videos, events, updates, and social profiles. For example, you could use your link in bio page to streamline all your contact information, promote your products by displaying product images, or write posts about your services and product.
Q. Why should I use a link in bio on Instagram?
On Instagram, you only get one link on your profile page, and it’s important to optimize it. A study found that adding a link in bio to your Instagram profile can drive an additional 10-15 percent Instagram referral traffic to your landing page. Using a link in bio can help you drive more traffic from your social profiles to your most valuable content and grow your audience across your social profiles as well as building your own audience in your Brandkit.
Q. Who can use a link in bio?
A link in bio page can be used by everyone, including small businesses, influencers, nonprofits or charities, musicians, event planners, or anyone building a brand. A Brandkit Portal allows you to share your content with the world in a simple and beautiful way, and the possibilities are endless!.
Q. How do I create a link in bio page?
If you don’t yet have a Brandkit account, you can set one up for free at https// You can start uploading images, or video, writing posts, add links, creating Albums, and more. Once you've uploaded your content, you can use our default layout and themes, or design your own with our built in CMS and cistom themes, or ask the Brandkit support team to do it for you. The simply start sharing it in your social profiles, email signatures, and marketing campaigns. For a more detailed step-by-step guide on creating your page, head here.
Q. Can I use my own domain??
Yes you can if your Brandkit Plan includes this option. Check plans here. Otherwise your domain/url will be
Q. How do I put a link in my Instagram bio?
Every type of Instagram account—personal, business, and creator—can use Instagram bio links. To put a link in an Instagram bio: (1)Go to your Instagram profile, (2)Tap “Edit Profile”, (3)Scroll down to the “Website” field, (4)Add the URL to your desired landing page or Instagram link in bio tool, (5)Save changes (On mobile, tap “Save,” On desktop, click “Submit”). Once you’ve updated the link in bio, make sure you test on both desktop and mobile to ensure the linked page works well on both devices.
Q. How do I put a link in my TikTok bio?
Only TikTok business accounts can add a clickable link to their bio. To put a link in your TikTok business account, all you have to do is: (1)Go to your TikTok profile, (2)Tap the “Edit profile” button, (3)Scroll down to the “Website” field, (4)Add the URL to your desired landing page (e.g. your Brandkit Portal URL), (5)Save.
To convert your TikTok personal account to a business account, see the FAQ below.
Q. How to convert by TikTok account to a Business Account?
It’s easy to convert a TikTok account to a business account. Here’s how you do it:(1)Head to your TikTok profile, (2)Tap the three lines in the top-right corner of your screen, (3)Tap “Manage account” > “Switch to Business Account” > “Next”, (4)Select what category your business falls under and hit “Next” to finish.
Once you have a TikTok business account, you’ll be able edit your profile and add your link in bio page to your social profile bio.

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