Aggregate digital assets from other Brandkits automagically with inbound Asset Syndication.


Your account can be setup as to receive syndicated content from multiple source accounts, such as a partner’s Brandkit.

Your users can then find and download content that you own, or from your Syndicatio partners, all from your Portal

For example a National DMO could aggregate the images from across it’s regional DMO’s,providing a central clearing house for all the Destination Marketing images for the country, while giving each region a degree of autonomy.

Advantages include single login for end users, while Admins and contributors can each independently maintain their own source account, with separate reporting and control,

A Super Account can also manage it’s own content assets, mixing those with assets syndicated from 3rd party sources.

Importantly any changes to syndicated assets are automatically updated across the connected accounts in real-time.

Distribute your Assets to other Brandkits automagically with outbound Asset Syndication

We’ve overhauled Asset Sydication in Brandit 2 so you can now syndicate assets out to partners, AND receive syndicated assets from partners, at the same time. You can also now curate a received feed of assets and only publish the ones you want.

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Feature: 2-way Syndication

A description of the new 2-way Syndication feature in Brandkit 2.

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Licence Worldwide Paid and Unpaid Available to anyone for royalty free use in paid and unpaid media worldwide, provided Brandkit benefits from such use, with attribution required to the named Credit, when a Credit is provided.
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