Covid 19: What Brandkit is doing to help.


We’re head-quartered in New Zealand. Back in March before NZ went into Government mandated lock-down, it was pretty obvious to me that this was going to be a serious problem and on March 13th  (before the official lockdown here in NZ), I instructed our whole team to stay home and work from home until further notice.  We ordered masks and distributed to our team members and their partners. I’m very glad we went early. When I made the decision there was a lot of unknowns - and it was in my opinion far better to go early than too late. A decision that I wish that our friends in the US, and in many other countries had made.Jacinda Adern and our leadership, here in New Zealand had the same thoughts, and went hard and early. I am extremely grateful to our leadership for doing so. NZ now has one of the lowest infection rates globally and certainly very few deaths.So here we are in lock-down happily working from home while the world goes crazy with stress and worry. We are lucky to be a 100% digital company building software essentially on laptops, and that means we can work almost anywhere.We abandoned full time offices back in 2018, choosing co-working spaces and remote working. Our team is distributed and we employ asynchronous work methodology and tools. So we were able to keep working, business as usual with very few changes.WFH is a piece of cake for us , but not so for many of our customers, family and friends.  We are well aware of that.In fact many of our customers are in the Tourism industry which has been terribly impacted by the Pandemic.So we came up with some strategies to help out where we could.<strong>For businesses that contacted us under stress, we offered either:</strong>

  • a subscription holiday for up to 6 months
  • a 50% discount  for up to 6 months
  • or a deferred payment for up to 6 months
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Covid 19: What Brandkit is doing to help.

Brandkit is doing what it can to help customers through the impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

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