User Role abilities

When managing User Roles in Brandkit, we talk about Portal Abilities and Admin Abilities.

Abilities are essentially things that a Role can do. 

Mange Roles and Abilities page as seen in Admin 1

Mange Roles and Abilities page as seen in Admin 2 

Below we define and explain each Ability.

Note that in Admin 2 these descriptions are available by hovering on the (i) icon.


Asset ask for exemption 

The user can request an exception/exemption from the Terms of use, Licence rules or Usage instructions, if they believe they cannot comply. 

If an exemption is requested, Admins will receive an Exemption Request notification and must either Approve or Decline the request.

We recommend this is OFF for most Roles.

Asset basket  

The user can created Saved Baskets (i.e. a saved collection of assets).

We recommend this is ON for most Roles.

Asset direct download   

The user can download without having to Login. This is a special option used rarely, and typically when you want to allow the public (without logging in) to be able to download from a Portal Page. Note any direct downloads will be anonymous (no tracking possible).

We recommend this is OFF for most Roles.

Asset download   

The user (once logged in) can Download any Assets assigned to this Role. 

We recommend this is ON for most Roles.

Asset lightbox

The user can view assets in a light-box view (a modal window with background blacked out) to help you focus on just the image.

We recommend this is ON for most Roles.

Asset request assets   

The user (once logged in) can Request Assets. This is typically turned on when Asset Download is turned off) and used when you don't want users to be able to Download without specific approval for each download.

We recommend this is OFF, if Asset Download is ON.

Asset select

The user can select assets to their current Basket for taking batch actions (such as batch downloads, batch shares, etc). If turned off only single actions will be possible (e.g. single download only)

We recommend this is ON for most Roles.

Asset send 

The user can send Assets to 3rd parties via an emailed link to a special pickup page. The 3rd party can then download the sent asset files, without the need to register or login. Brandkit will track who the email is sent to and whether the Assets are picked up, but anyone with the link can download. 

The Receiver must Accept terms of use, but will not have to login or complete Intended Use questions to Download.

We recommend that Asset Send is ON for higher level Roles can Send and OFF for lower level Roles (such as external users).

Also sometimes referred to as eCourier functionality.

Asset share

The user can share a selection of Assets with 3rd parties via an email link to a special view in your Portal. 

Assets will respect any visibility or access rules you set for Users an Asset Licenses.

The Receiver must be logged in to take any action. 

We recommend this is ON for most Roles.

Asset show

The user can view Asset Detail pages.

We recommend this is ON for most Roles.

Multiple baskets

The user can utilise Multiple Baskets. Multiple baskets is a paid Premium Feature and so you may/ or may not not have access to this feature.

We recommend this is OFF for most Roles.

With bypass

The user does not have to complete Intended Use questions when downloading. Typically reserved for Staff roles.

We recommend that this is ON for higher level Roles and OFF for lower level Roles (such as external users).


A user belonging to a Role that has any of these abilities turned on, is deemed to be an Admin user for the purposes of pricing/billing.  In other words, would require a paid Admin user subscription. 

For standard Admins - all these Abilities are ON. But we can configure custom Admin roles, e.g. an Editor, which have selected Admin abilities.

Access Admin

The user can access Admin functionality. Will see the Admin (spanner icon) button in Navigation.

Access reports

The user can access, run, view and export reports.

Approve requests

The user will be notified when either an Exemption Request or Asset Request is received and can View, Approve, Decline or Delete such Requests.

Asset approve

The user can Approve assets to appear in the Portal.

Asset archive

The user can Archive assets.

Asset batch edit

The user can batch Edit assets

Asset delete

The user can Delete assets.

Asset email users

The user can send batch Email Updates to user by Role or to users who have previously selected one of the selected assets.

Asset merge

The user can merge two assets together to remove duplicates.

Asset related

The user add Asset Relationships. That is relate two or mores assets together. 

An example of this would be adding a relationship between two assets,  a Photograph of a celebrity and a Talent sign-off agreement.

Asset remove

The user can batch delete assets (via the Basket).

Asset Regenerate files

The user can Regenerate the optimised video files, if they fail to generate correctly on upload. 

Asset Sync

The user can force an Asset Sync to see the latest data. 

Asset tag

The user can apply exisiting Approved Assets to assets. Note: This is not the same as Create new Approved Tags.

Assign roles

The user can assign a Role to a user.

Create assets

The user can upload files to create assets.

Export metadata

The user can export asset meta data as CSV for bulk meta data updates.

Import metadata

The user can import asset meta data from CSV (exported wit Export metadata).

Manage abilities

The user can manage the abilities of User Roles

Manage assets

The user can Edit assets

Manage blog

The user can write blog posts (if the Blog feature is enabled)

Manage brands

The user can add, edit and delete Brands

Manage Comments

The user can manage Comments

Manage feedback

The user can view User NPS feedback

Manage guidelines

The user can upload and edit Brand Guidelines

Manage licenses

The user can manage Asset Licences

Manage notifications

The user can manage Recommended Notifications

Manage shares

The user can Manage Shares

Manage tags

The user can create and manage Approved Tags

Manage users

The user can view, manage and invite users.

See Comments

The user can view Comments

See account details

The user can view the Account Dashboard

See All Licenses

The user can view All Licenses

See roles

The user can view User Roles

Save Download

User Role abilities

What are User Role abilities - a definition

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