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“Some searches don’t find all the images I know are there, probably because someone forgot to add the right tags. How can I encourage my team to tag our images with the right tags, so that our search filters and landing page widgets find all the available images?”

That’s a very good question.

When you’re working as a team or only tagging every now and then, it’s easy to forget which tags to use to keep you tag taxonomy clean and tidy, or matched up with your search filters and search widgets (like your home page Tile search).

New for March 2020 - Search Filters now appear as pick lists when tagging assets, enabling accounts to better direct users in which tags they should be using.

We have always been able to create custom Search Filters for customers. Typically a customer will specify a group of Tags under a heading that they want users to focus on when searching. Headings like Category, Theme, Season for example. These Search Filters are essentially a basic Taxonomy, defined by each account.

So it was obviously something we could leverage to improve tagging.!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could remind and encourage Editors/Admins to add the necessary tags to make these filters work?

Well now we can. Using the already configured Filter in your account setting, In Brandkit 1: we can turn on an option to display selected Filters as a pick list whenever tagging. In Brandkit 2: this is always on.

The general process for tagging with Filter Tags turned on, is that you first pick a tag from the Filter Tags, and then add additional other, or free form tags.

This way, users are led by the hand so to speak, to apply the account’s Taxonomy (represented by the Filters). Note that we don’t allow you to make a tag from any list mandatory - instead we allow you to set the tip (or hint) copy to suggest the requirement with your choice of hard or soft language. 

Note also, that default filters that are populated automatically from the file upload e.g. Asset Type, File Type, etc are not available here (as they will be automatically applied on upload)

There you go - we hope this improves tagging accuracy and make tagging in general faster and more enjoyable.  

It’s is a free of charge update available to every account - but does need to be turned on for each account and applicable filters.

To set this up in your account - contact brandkit support or your Brandkit account contact. 


Filters as Tagging Taxonomy

Search Filters now appear as pick lists when tagging assets, enabling accounts to better direct users in which tags they should be using.

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