Is there a CMS in Brandkit?

Brandkit has it's own CMS system in the backend that is used by Brandkit Support to build custom pages, widgets and content for customers.

Right now we restrict access to the CMS abilities to Brandkit staff as we refine the CMS features. We're working on releasing CMS features for Portal Pages to customer Admins in the future.

In the mean-time, here's a sneak peak behind the curtain.

<p class=”intercom-align-center”><i>Pages view for customer ATEED</i></p>

<p class=”intercom-align-center”><i>Page Sections view for customer ATEED</i></p>

<p class=”intercom-align-center”><i>Editing HTML in Page Section for customer ATEED</i></p>

What about integration with external CMS systems?

There are a host (hundreds, maybe thousands) of external CMS systems and while we don't integrate with any one in particular currently.

We can deploy Asset Proxies via simple Permalinks, we can link most pages via simple restful URL schema's e.g and we can optionally deploy embeddable Asset Galleries (coming soon).

We have also integrated corporate website by  duplicating corporate navigation and menu structures. In fact we have by default configurable Upper Nav, Main Nav, Lower Nav and Footers that enable us to integrate into corporate nav structures.

Here's two example of this in action:

<p class=”intercom-align-center”>Example of integrated corporate navigation from Tourism NZ</p>

<p class=”intercom-align-center”><i>Example of integrated corporate navigation from Illinois Tourism</i></p>

<p class=”intercom-align-center”><i>Example of integrated corporate navigation from Tourism Holdings</i></p>

Happy branding :)


Is there a CMS in Brandkit?

CMS functionality to allow customer more control of custom page content.

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