Feature: Role Masquerading

Role Masquerading is available to Admin Users (Admin and Owner roles) only.

Why masquerade at all?

Customisable User Roles is great, but things can get complex if you have a lot of different User Roles.

Even more so when you personalise what each User Role can see, whether that is a set of Assets, or a section on a portal page.

Benefits of masquerading

  • Role Masquerading makes it much easier to check what’s visible for each user Role.
  • You can see what they see. Giving you confidence in your configurations.
  • As a bonus you can check out how different themes look at the same time.

How to use Role Masquerading

When logged in as an Admin, you’ll see a yellow Portal Preview bar at the top of the Portal view of each Portal page.

  • Select the User Role you would like to masquerade as.
  • Once selected you will see what that Role is permitted to see in the Portal interface. A great way to check you have your User Roles setup correctly.
  • Make sure you switch back to Masquerade as: Myself when finished.

Note: Masquerading applies only to the Portal - it has no effect on the Admin except that you may not be able to access Admin when Masquerading. Note also masquerading only works when the yellow Portal Preview bar is visible. If you click Exit preview mode you will automatically switch back to your own User Role.


Feature: Role Masquerading

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