The Good Brand Checklist - Personality Adjectives

Here are some sample adjectives to get you started. You can use these to help build a description of your brand’s personality.

+ Positive Adjectives

adaptable, adorable, agreeable, alert, alluring, ambitious, amusing, boundless, brave, bright, calm, capable, charming, cheerful, coherent, confident, cooperative, courageous, credible, cultured, dashing, dazzling, debonair, decisive, decorous, delightful, determined, diligent, discreet, dynamic, eager, efficient, enchanting, encouraging, enduring, energetic, entertaining, enthusiastic, excellent, excitable, exuberant, fabulous, fair, faithful, fantastic, fearless, frank, friendly, funny, generous, gentle, good, happy, harmonious, helpful, hilarious, honorable, impartial, industrious, instinctive, jolly, joyous, kind, kind-hearted, knowledgeable, likable, lively, lovely, loving, lucky, mature, modern, nice, obedient, painstaking, peaceful, perfect, placid, plausible, pleasant, plucky, productive, protective, proud, punctual, quiet, receptive, reflective, relieved, resolute, responsible, righteous, romantic, sedate, selective, self-assured, sensitive, shrewd, silly, sincere, skillful, splendid, steadfast, stimulating, talented, thoughtful, thrifty, tough, trustworthy, unbiased, unusual, upbeat, vigorous, vivacious, warm, willing, wise, witty, wonderful, zany, zealous.

- Negative Adjectives

abrasive, abrupt, abusive, aloof, ambiguous, angry, annoyed, anxious, arrogant, awful, bad, belligerent, boorish, boring, callous, careless, clumsy, combative, confused, cowardly, crazy, creepy, cruel, cynical, dangerous, deceitful, defective, defiant, depressed, deranged, disagreeable, disillusioned, disturbed, domineering, draconian, embarrassing, envious, erratic, evasive, evil, fanatical, fierce, finicky, flashy, flippant, foolish, forgetful, frantic, fretful, frightened, furtive, greedy, grieving, grouchy, gruesome, grumpy, guarded, gullible, helpless, hesitant, horrible, hurtful, ignorant, irresolute, jealous, jittery, lacking, lazy, lonely, malicious, materialistic, mean, mysterious, naive, nasty, naughty, nervous, noisy, obnoxious, outrageous, over, zealous, panicky, pathetic, possessive, quarrelsome, repulsive, ruthless, sad, scary, secretive, selfish, silly, slow, sneaky, snobbish, spendthrift, squeamish, stingy, strange, sulky, tacky, tense, terrible, testy, thick-skinned, thoughtless, threatening, tight, timid, tired, tiresome, troubled, truculent, typical, uptight, vague, vengeful, venomous, volatile, voracious, vulgar, wary, wasteful, weak, wicked, worthless, wretched.


The Good Brand Checklist - Personality Adjectives

Here are some sample adjectives to get you started. You can use these to help build a description of your brand’s personality.

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