E-see International Limited becomes Brandkit Limited

E-see International Ltd was the registered company name of the company behind Brandkit product and service.

This week E-see International Ltd (registered in 1997) was change officially to: Brandkit Limited.

The change was made to reflect the fact that the company sole product/service is called Brandkit and the company had already been trading as Brandkit over the last few years.


As of Monday 13th November the registered company name is Brandkit Limited.

There are no other changes. e.g. no new logo, no new products - this is simply the legal company name that is changing.


  • Invoices will now feature the new company name.
  • Agreements will now be made in the name of Brandkit Limited and all existing contracts will be honoured as other than a name change there is no other change. It’s still the same company, same registered company number, same New Zealand Business Number, same IRD number, same bank account number, etc.
  • Our Bank account is now using the new company name.
  • Our Credit Card processor has been updated.
  • We still own the e-see.com domain which is used for email - we’ll gradually move all those emails to Brandkit domains (brandkit.co.nz, brandkit.io, brandkitapp.com, etc).
  • etc

A bit of History

  • The company started life and was registered as U-Do Brands Limited in 4th March 1994.
  • Then changed to EAS.I ACCESS LIMITED 28th day of March 1996
  • The company name was changed to E-see International Limited in 1997. At the time the product was known as and operated as e-see.com and later BrandFM.com.
  • In 2016 the company launched the Brandkit product which replaced both the e-see.com and BrandFM products.
  • Today in 2023 having traded as Brandkit for sometime, and having now registerd the Brandkit trademark in several markets the decision has been made to change the company name to Brandkit Limited.
E-see Crew outside E-see office in Devonport e-see office in Devonport

Photos of the E-see office at Devonport, Auckland, taken in September 2013.

e-see collateral

Some e-see branded collateral

Happy branding :)

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Company Name Change: E-see International Limited becomes Brandkit Limited

This week E-see International Limited officially became Brandkit Limited.

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