RGB - not CMYK for images

RGB - not CMYK for images

Even if you’re storing colour images that will later be printed, you should save and upload your photographic images in the RGB colourspace. Photographs are after all naturally RGB (made up of Red, Green and Blue channels).

Not only will you be storing them in their native colour-space but you will save considerable storage space and processing time.

Don’t convert to CMYK

Going to the effort of converting RGB images and storing as CMYK doesn’t make a lot of sense, because pre-press, print workflows and commercial printers do their own RGB to CMYK conversions.

You, of course, need to ensure that all devices in the workflow are correctly calibrated using their ICC profiles.

This includes cameras, screens, and printers used for proofing.Once the RGB profile is applied (we recommend sRGB) to an image in a correctly calibrated workflow – you can be sure that the file your storing is colour correct.

The printing company will then be able to adjust the image and convert to CMYK to suit their own particular device and printer profiles.

Check with your printing company and media outlets

We recommend you check with your printing company, and any print media you work with of course, but we’re confident that most will prefer RGB.

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RGB - not CMYK for images

Even if you’re storing images that will later be printed, you should save and upload your images in the Adobe RGB colourspace.

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