How to: Controlling access to Assets with Vaults and User Roles

To control access to Assets

  1. Add Assets to a specific Vault (Admin > Settings > Vaults)
  2. Enable Access to specific Vaults in User Roles (Admin > Users > Roles)
  3. Add Users to a specific User Role (Admin > Users Manage Users)

Users will only see Assets in the Vaults they have access to, and will only be able to take the permitted actions (such as view, request, download, etc) of their User Role

New in BK2

In Brandkit 1, Asset Licences served two purposes, acting as a pseudo folder AND describing permitted usage.

In Brandkit 2 we’re introducing Vaults to control access, and simplifying Licence so that it has one purpose only, to describe the permitted usage.

Vaults mean that you can now configure your User Roles with both Download and Request rights across Vaults.

For example you can now enable Downloading of Images, but require a Request for Logos for a single User Role, something that was not possible in Brandkit 1.

What are Vaults?

Vaults are new in Brandkit 2 and when combined with User Roles, are used to grant access to Assets,

Vaults are essentially pseudo folders. An Asset can only belong to one Vault. You can move Asset between vaults, but they can never be in two vaults at once.

e.g. Assets in the Public Vault can be seen and downloaded by all users, whereas Assets in the Private Vault can be seen by Staff only.

How are Vaults set-up?

All accounts have two Vaults setup by default, named Public and Private.

  • You can rename the Vaults
  • You can add more Vaults
  • You delete the default Vaults, but you must have at least one vault.

You can edit and add Vaults in Admin > Settings, > Manage Vaults

Controlling User Access with Vaults

Once your Vaults are setup as you want them, you can then use them control whether a user with a certain User Role can view Assets belonging to the Vault.

In Admin:

  1. Click Users > Manage Roles
  2. Click the The Name of the User Role link
  3. Click the Role Setting button
  4. Turn on the Abilities by clicking the checkboxes for each ability, per Vault, that you want to Grant.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and Save..

What are Licences ?

A Licence in Brandkit 2, is a simply description of the permitted usage (aka Licence Rules/Licence Conditions), that apply to an Asset, irrespective of which Vault it is in, or which User Role has access to it.

e.g. Assets belonging to the Royalty Free Licence display the permitted usage “Royalty free usage worldwide in paid and unpaid media, provided all such usage benefits Acme inc”, on asset detail pages, download forms, etc.

The Licence forms part of a Legal Contract between your organisation, and your Users. It’s important to understand that throughout Brandkit we go out of our way to ensure that each user agrees to abide by your Terms of Use and your Licence Rules or Conditions.

Your Brandkit account has Terms of Use which all Users must accept when registering, logging in, and downloading, which also references Licence and Licence Conditions for Assets.

  • When viewing Assets in detail, Licence Rules and Conditions are shown.
  • When Downloading, Users are shown Licence Rules and Conditions again, and they are asked to confirm agreement to Terms and Licence * Rules and Conditions before downloading (there is an exception for users with a Download form Bypass).
  • Terms of Use, generally state that you are issuing the user with a Licence to use the Asset provided they adhere to the Licence conditions.

How are Licenses setup?

By default each Account with has two Licences setup by default

  • Exclusive License
  • Royalty Free

These are starting points. You can remove or modify these Licences to suit your particular business or licensing situation.

Generally most Assets should be assigned to the Royalty Free Licence, and any Assets for internal/staff use only should be assigned to the Exclusive Licence.

Note: In BK2 an uploaded Asset will be added to your default Licence automatically (usually the Royalty Free Licence.. Take care to check that the correct Licence is assigned and that you have checked and modified the Licence wording to suit your business.

Each account can setup custom Asset Licences.

Each Asset Licence requires a,

  • Licence Name
  • Licence Body

Think about your own organisation and business rules, and come up with some logical Licences that will work for you.

This may be determined by the source of your assets. For example, if you have purchased or licensed images from a 3rd party you will will need to reflect that fact, and their rules in your own Licence.

Generally fewer simpler Licenses work best.

Once the Asset Licence is created it becomes a lookup field and can be allocated to an Asset or a batch of Assets when editing, and every Asset must be allocated to a Licence.


How to: Controlling access to Assets with Vaults and User Roles

This article explains options on how to control access to Assets using Vaults and User Roles.

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