Feature: 100% cloud. Work Remotely, Anywhere, Anytime.

Brandkit® is 100% cloud, so working and collaborating remotely works naturally out of the box.

Your account Admins can keep up wherever they happen to be working, whether it’s in the office, at home, at a co-working space, a cafe, or on the road.

Everyone else can access content when and where they need it, with self-service access to your Brand Portal, while configurable Vaults, User Roles and permissions, ensure only the right users get access to restricted content

Brandkit is available via the Internet (aka the cloud) from any device that is connected to the worldwide web.

Global Access and Data Sovereignty

We use secure state of the art data centers placed in key regions around the globe to provide the fastest possible experience for users. These are currently located in USA, UK and Australia.

Optionally (if you are on an Enterprise plan) we can provide a local data center for in-country data sovereignty requirements with an appropriate commitment (e.g. a 1 year + contract).

This works by storing your files and metadata (database records) in your local or preferred data region (e.g. UK).

All uploads and database writes to your Brandkit account occur inside your local (or preferred) data region. We then replicate your content across our globally dispersed data centres, so that users in different parts of the world get optimum performance when downloading. For example if your selected data region is UK, a user in Australia, will download your data from the Australia data region, where your file has been replicated to, at maximum speed and with less latency.

Cloudfront CDN

AWS Cloudfront Coverage Map

We also use Amazon Web Services Cloudfront service as a global CDN (Content Delivery Network) for delivering image previews and embedded images in Posts and 3rd party site embeds.

Amazon CloudFront uses a global network of 450+ Points of Presence and 13 regional edge caches in 90+ cities across 48 countries, to deliver content to end users with faster with lower latency.

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Feature: 100% cloud. Work Remotely, Anywhere, Anytime.

Brandkit is 100% cloud, so working and collaborating remotely works naturally out of the box.

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