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Guide in the Sky FAQ

Q. What is a Brand Guidelines in the Sky?
It's a copy of your Brand Guidelines PDF hosted on the Brandkit platform presented as a publicly accessible single page web site, along with an optional button to download a zip file containing your suite of logo artwork and a copy of the Brand Guidelines.
Q. Who will be able to access it?
On this free plan, your Brand Guidelines will be publically accessible to anyone. No users registration or login is possible on this plan. If you want to control access and report on user activity you will need a paid Brandkit plan.
Q. What do I need to supply?
You will need to supply a Brand Guidelines/Style Guide PDF. This will typically be created by your design or brand agency or possibly developed in-house, typically in something like Adobe's InDesign software. If you also want the downloadable Logo suite option, you will need to supply a zip file containg your logo artwork and image files, plus a copy of the Brand Guidelines PDF.
Q. How does Brandkit's solution differ from traditional options?
Mostly people email copies of Brand Guidelines PDF's or provide a link to download a file. Brandkit makes this readable online with either a single scrollable web page, or paginated option. The PDF is also searchable in the browser - so it's easy to find the information you need without having to read the whole document or download the PDF.
Q. How secure is our brand data on your platform?
Data security is a top priority. We employ state-of-the-art encryption, regular security audits, and comply with global data protection standards to ensure your brand data remains confidential and secure. That said - this free service makes your Brand Guidelines and optional Download open and accessible to the public and we will allow search engines to index the page. That's not normally an issue for Brand Guidelines which are typically freely and openly shared.
Q. Can I customize the Brand Toolkit to fit my company's needs?
In the case of this free service - no. You will need paid plan to customise your Brandkit.
Q. How many users can access our Brand Toolkit account?
Unlimited Users. Yay!
Q. Is there any training provided?
No, the free plan is so simple, no training is needed. However we do provide an online help centre and support.
Q. What kind of customer support do you provide?
We offer around the clock 24/7 customer support through email, and phone. Plus, our Help Center is available around the clock for self-help and guidance.
Q. Can I get a trial account?
No trials needed for the Free service. Just do it, or do not.
Q. Ok - How do we get started?
Simply book a discovery and demo call on our website, or reach out to our sales team. We'll ensure that Brandkit is a good fit for your organisation, then arrange to setup your account, onboarding and training of your team.

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