Know Our Brand™

Know Our Brand™ is a service that acts as a digital workshop tool, that aims to teach people about your brand, it's origin story, your brand narrative and how to apply the brand story, brand assets and other digital content to tell the right brand story.

You can think of it as teaching a foundational framework for all communication about your brand.

Share the "Brand Origin Story"

What's the origin story, the "why".

Spell out the "The Brand Narrative"

How does the brand talk, behave, look, and why.

Outline the "Framework"

How do we apply the brand narrative to our communications and story telling.

How to use the "Framework"

Examples and case studies of good story telling and comms using the Framework.

Introduce the Toolkit

Intriduce students to the brand toolkit, demonstrate accessing the toolkit and set users up with access.

Show how to use content assets

Shows examples of usage (both good and bad).

Brand Quiz

A quiz to test the student on whether they have understood the brand story, and narrative and can pick suitable usage from a range of examples.

Reward for learning

Here we gamify the learning process with rewards, kudos and other incentives for mastery of the subject.

How we create a virtial workshop programme

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