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B2B Sales 100% Commission based

Remote sales gig/contract sales - work from anywhere. With (1) commission on initial deal size/invoice, plus (2) ongoing commission for life of the customer's account.

This role will suit an experienced sales person, sales agency, or company selling to marketing teams in companies of all sizes and walks of life. We're looking for new customers in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Europe, but technically they could be anywhere. So you could be based anywhere but ideally in one of these markets - where the opportunity for new business is huge.

We are a New Zealand headquartered B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) company, established in 1997, working in the branding, digital media, content management sector. We're a small team of 5 (Founder, Admin, Designer, 2 x Engineers) and dog named Harry. Our clients include well known brands and organisations across a broad spectrum of industries from around the globe. We have a strong presence in the National and Local Government, Economic Development, and Tourism sectors in several markets.

We all work remotely, and practice asynchronous working. We're also Mac people. We love meeting up, we love authentic brands, we love brand story trelling, we love content, and we love visuals.

About the work

Most of the users of our product ( are professional Marketers, Content Managers or Designers.

Who we're looking for:

The ideal candidate will be passionate about sales and marketing, and believe that Sales people are just as important as Engineering people, and add real value to the customer. The fact is without a sale there is no solution for the customer, and no money to pay for product development.

A degree qualification is not required if you can show that you are passionate and capable. You should be adaptable, fast on your feet, have street smarts, can negotiate with customers, be prepared to work hard to solve problems for customers, and form trusted long term relationships with customers.

Job Responsibilities:


What we are offering

Commission on initial deal size/invoice PLUS a smaller ongoing commission for the life of the account which is currently tracking around 6 years on average (10years + in some cases)

Flexibility - you will work remotely, but may need to visit customers, and if required Brandkit HQ, or attend company meetings (in which case we will pay travel costs).

Grow - we're offering to help you learn, gain confidence, improve your sales skills, and participate in new technologies like AI and ML. It's also a potential "foot in the door" to a full-time salaried role.

This is a great opportunity for a self-starter who thrives in a remote work environment, or an existing sales agemcy, or company that specialises in selling softeware soutiona to Marketing Teams.

Check us out at and

If you meet the requirements and are excited about the opportunity to join our team, please submit your resume, portfolio, and a cover letter outlining your experience and why you would be a great fit for this position to:

Please note: We put a lot of emphasis on your covering letter, often more than your CV. Why? We work remotely, so good writing and communication skills are vital to success. So please make the effort of writing a good covering letter. A CV or Resume sent without a covering letter will most likely go straight to trash.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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