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All the world's your content at your fingertips.

Forget Google or Bing, nix Spotlight. There's a better way to find your brand content. The better way starts with Brandkit. A visual search engine for your brand content and your own branded search page.

It's the fastest way to your content.

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20% of an employee's time is spent looking for information

This is like hiring five people and having one person never show up for work.

Source: McKinsey Global Institute, The Social Economy

Forget Google and Bing and, nix Spotlight. There's a better way to find your brand content.

The better way starts with Brandkit™ and your own branded Search Page. It's the fastest way to find your brand content; Provide users with a public or private search page dedicated to your content, and only your content and powered by your content. Use menus, links, albums (collections) and a search box with multi-faceted search, a variety of filters and sort options to find all your content; all in one place.

Resulting in beautiful visual search results grid, where your content is the star of the show.

A Visual Search Engine aided by AI

The Visual Search Engine in Brandkit indexes asset metadata and tags.

This requires that each Asset has appropriate metadata and tags, similar to how Google requires web pages to have appropriate meta tags and page structure to rank well in search results.

To assist with this, Brandkit includes AI (computer vision) auto-tagging, powered by AWS Image Rekognition service. It is designed to augment your own tags and metadata, not replace them.

AI can be helpful when tagging images. It can detect known objects in images and label (aka tag) them.

However, the reality is that for brand content, you and your employees are the experts in your field. As such, you have domain expertise that the AI just doesn't have.

We respect that, so Brandkit is designed to use AI as an assistant that can help you process hundreds of Assets at a time. In fact, when you upload Images, the AI Assistant will auto-tag your Images using image object detection, and extract essential metadata from the file.

Once uploaded, you can then edit/batch edit your metadata and tags, applying your domain knowledge and expertise.

Multi-faceted search

Multi faceted search is an important feature in Brandkit.

It allows users to combine several search terms and filters in a single search to refine the results.

You can combine normal tags with asset type and orientation to get a short list of the best results.

For example: "People, Image, Portrait" - There are numerous combinations possible.

Another example: "People, Outdoors, Image or Video"

Screenshot of multi-faceted search

Next up: Self-service Brand Portal

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Statistics above last updated 1 March 2024