What’s your story - tips on how to create your Brand Story


A brand is an idea, a concept … a story.

Sometimes fresh and new, sometimes well formed and established.

A brand always has a start, an origin, a blueprint. Preserving and communicating it to the people who must tell the story it is vital.

Let’s start at the beginning. Where did you come from, why do you exist?

First, watch this

Now that you’ve watched that, take a moment to consider your own ‘Why’

How are you expressing what your brand stands for? Can you be the Apple, of your industry? 

Remember The Golden Circle - it’s the core idea of Sinek’s talk.

It’s very clear that the Why is the basis or foundation for the brand - it makes perfect sense.

If you’re reading this, we assume that you want to boil your Brand Story down to something that is concise and easy to communicate?

Or you want to re-orient your branding activity around your brand origin story.

It’s hard to make things simple, isn’t it? But it’s worth the effort if you can get it right. It can energize your people and your product development and your marketing.

Companies often engage a branding agency or consultant to help develop and hone the brand story.

The management team is often assembled in an offsite location. Taken through a workshop (maybe several workshops) to draw out the story from founders, managers, and staff. It can be expensive and can often be a drawn-out process.

A new company called Storytech has codified the storytelling process with a lean canvas methodology and is providing expert-led 1-day workshops for management teams.

Brand Canvas

What’s different (and rather special in my view) - is that these expert-led workshops are via a pre-recorded video, rather than the expert facilitator appearing in person.  This drives the cost down to $500 for the day* which is affordable for most companies including startups. 

There’s still work to do on your part - in fact, it’s all on you - but the video led programme is laid out well and includes tips for preparation, timing and running your own 1-day workshop with your team.

We believe it’s so important to get your Brand Story right, we’ve negotiated a 20% discount for you. Just use the *STBRANDKIT code and get 20% off, making it $400 for the programme. A bargain I reckon and we’re not taking any commission or referral fee on this. We just want you to have a great brand story to tell.

Get help creating your Brand Story with a Brand Story Canvas from Storytech.

Once your Brand Story is fully formed, it should inform all your branding activity and be at the core of your Brand or Brand Management System.

Good luck and Happy storytelling  :)


What's your story - tips on how to create your Brand Story

Tips on how to create (or refine) your Brand Story

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