How to: Asset Licensing


In Brandkit we use Asset Licences (in combination with User Roles) to control access by users to your Assets.

What are Asset Licenses?

It’s an important concept to understand in Brandkit.<strong>Licence</strong> in Brandkit serves two purposes:

  • Controls whether a User can view an Asset
  • Communicates the Licence or IP usage rules or conditions of use for an Asset

e.g. Assets belonging to the Royalty Free Licence can be seen by all registered users, are available for download, and are free to use worldwide, without payment or attribution.

e.g.2  Assets belonging to the Royalty Free with Attribution Licence can be seen by all registered users, are available for download, and are free to use worldwide, but you must show attribution/credit the person or organisation provided.

It's part of a Legal Contract between your organisation, and your Users.

  • Your Brandkit account has Terms of Use which all Users must accept when registering, logging in, and downloading,  which also references Licence and Licence Conditions for Assets.
  • When viewing Assets in detail, Licence Rules and Conditions are shown.
  • When Downloading, Users are shown Licence Rules and Conditions again, and they are asked to confirm agreement to Terms and Licence Rules and Conditions before downloading (there is  an exception for users with a Download form Bypass).
  • Terms of Use, generally state that you are issuing the user with a Licence to use the Asset provided they adhere to the Licence conditions.

How are Licenses setup?

  • Exclusive License
  • Royalty Free
  • UGC Licence
  1. Licence Name
  2. Licence Description
Note: Brandkit Support must setup your Licences for you.  Contact

Controlling User Access with Licence

In Admin:

  1. Click Users > Manage User Roles
  2. Click the Edit Abilities button
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and for each User Role column, tick in the Licence row, to turn on visibility for that Licence.
  4. Click Finished Editing

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How to: Asset Licensing

How do we use Asset Licence in Brandkit?

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Licence Worldwide Paid and Unpaid Available to anyone for royalty free use in paid and unpaid media worldwide, provided Brandkit benefits from such use, with attribution required to the named Credit, when a Credit is provided.
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