How to Approve assets

By default all new Asset's have their Status set to Unapproved

You need to approve your Assets before they will be available in the Portal. A simple but important security measure.

The Approve button is available in two places in Admin.

1. Asset Detail page (in Admin interface)

  • In Admin navigate to any unapproved Asset's detail page.
  • The Asset status should show the status as Unapproved
  • Click the Approve button to instantly approve the Asset (The Asset will then be available in the Portal)
  • The button will automatically change to say UnApprove. To Undo the change in status, just click the UnApprove button.
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2. Basket (in Admin interface)

  • In Admin, select some assets and open the Basket (side panel)
  • Click the Edit selected button (this will open the Batch Edit panel)
  • Click the Approve button to instantly approve the selected Assets (The Assets will then be available in the Portal)
  • To Undo (with the same selection in the basket) just click the UnApprove button.
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Happy branding :)


How to Approve assets

How do I change the status of an Asset to Approved.

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