Quick Start for Account Admins (Brandkit 1)


Congratulations on selecting Brandkit to manage your brand and visual assets, a powerful yet elegant digital asset management solution.Now let’s get you started.When you login as an Admin user, the <strong><em>Admin interface</em></strong> is your default view. You can switch back and forth between the <em>Admin interface</em> (to manage assets, users and see reports) and the <em>Brand Portal interface</em> (to see what non-Admin users see).

You should now be logged in as an Admin user AND have navigated to the Admin interface (shown above).If you find yourself still in the Portal interface - click the <em>Spanner</em> icon in the top right menu.Ok now that you have familiarized yourself with the overall view and how we name things, the best way to learn is to roll your sleeves up and get started.  Brandkit was born to help you manage and share your marketing files, what we refer to as <em>Assets. S</em>o the first thing we need to do is to get some of those into your Brandkit, by uploading them.Let’s go!

Step 1  Upload some content

1. Click the Upload Assets button.

2. Decide what to upload
  • Drag some files into the upload window, or 
  • Click Select from My Computer,or
  • Click an online Storage Service (e.g. Dropbox), authenticate the app then select a files or whole folders (if using the Chrome browser), then Upload
3. Once you’ve selected the files you wish to upload, click Upload

Step 2 Edit Metadata, Add Tags


Repeat for each Asset.

Step 3 Approve

<em>Pro Tip:</em>

Step 4 Review

Now go to your <em>Brand Portal</em>, search for the Asset (if you tagged it well this should be easy peasy). Click on it to view a Preview, click through to more details and check the detail page shown in the Portal, try downloading or selecting it.

Need to change something? Just click the [ Edit ] button - this will jump you back to the <em>Admin</em> <em>interface</em> where you can Edit.

Step 5 Add a Brand

  1. Click Brand in the main nav.
  2. Add your first Brand - all we need to start with is the brandname in plain text.
  3. Upload your primary Logo - this will be used in a few places through out your Brandkit but will be the hero image on your Brand page (if you elect to have a Brand page).

Step 6 Invite some users

  1. Click Users in the main nav.
  2. Click Manage Users
  3. Click the [ Invite a new user ] button.
  4. Enter an email address for the user and select a User Role.
  5. Click [ Send Invite ]

Any questions - please contact BrandKIt support - we’ll be happy to help :)


Quick Start for Account Admins (Brandkit 1)

A quick setup guide for new account Admins.

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